Kiran Rao unveils unseen moments of Ira Khan's whirlwind wedding shenanigans - CHECK OUT!

Kiran Rao, Aamir Khan's second ex-wife shared heartwarming snippets on her Instagram that showcase seamless blend of familial warmth and happiness.

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In a Bollywood spectacle that left fans in awe, Ira Khan, the daughter of iconic actor Aamir Khan, recently celebrated her nuptials with Nupur Shikhare in a series of enchanting ceremonies. The festivities kicked off with a legal union on January 3, followed by a breathtaking destination celebration in the regal city of Udaipur and a glamorous reception in Mumbai that set the town abuzz. While social media has been flooded with glimpses from the ceremonies, it is the intimate and unrevealed moments that truly capture the essence of this star-studded celebration.

The behind-the-scenes magic comes courtesy of none other than Kiran Rao, Aamir Khan's second ex-wife, who shared heartwarming snippets on her Instagram. The shared moments provide a seamless blend of familial warmth and happiness.

Kiran Rao, radiating sheer joy in a stunning black off-shoulder dress, stole the spotlight in the first snapshot, showcasing a million-dollar smile that mirrored the joyous atmosphere of the celebration. The second picture captures a blissful moment as Kiran, Ira, Aamir Khan, Reena Datta, and Azad come together, creating a picture-perfect family portrait that speaks volumes about their close-knit relationships.

As the Instagram post unfolds, we are treated to a delightful scene of Aamir and Kiran engrossed in a harmonium performance at the sangeet night. The subsequent photos reveal Kiran warmly embracing the newlyweds. The series concludes with a heartwarming image of Ira, Junaid Khan, and Azad striking a pose together. 

Captioning the post, Kiran Rao shared, "Some outtakes from a super fun wedding. We laughed, sang, danced, hugged, posed, and even chilled. A lot." 

Even after the wedding, the Khan family continues to make headlines, not just for their cinematic endeavors but for the genuine moments of love and joy they share off-screen. 

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