IPL 2024: Hardik Pandya, Natasa Stankovic's marriage suffering due to excessive trolling? -Check Reactions

Fans have noticed how Hardik Pandya’s better half Natasa Stankovic has stayed away the IPL matches this season. The fact that he did not wish her on social media on her birthday did not go unnoticed as well

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Hardik Pandya and Natasa Stankovic's marriage under scanner

Hardik Pandya and Natasa Stankovic's marriage under scanner
Netizens keep eagle eye on the actress' Insta accounts

IPL 2024 has been a very forgettable one for Hardik Pandya. He replaced Rohit Sharma as the captain of the Mumbai Indians, and few cricket fans have forgiven him for that. From being booed on the cricket ground to his wife Natasa Stankovic being subjected to horrible trolling on social media, it has been a tough season for him. Now, his marriage with Natasa Stankovic has also come under the scanner. Fans have noticed how she has stayed away from the matches this season. He did not even put up a lovey-dovey post for her on social media for her birthday. All this has come under the eagle eye of netizens and made its way on Reddit.  

Take a look at this post on Reddit

We can see how netizens are discussing the marriage Image: Reddit

It should be noted that Natasa Stankovic has kept all her wedding pics with Hardik Pandya. This was even shared on Twitter but netizens were quick to slam the user. Many said this was because of the incessant trolling that Hardik Pandya was facing on social media. Fans of Rohit Sharma have been particularly vitriolic towards the couple. Netizens feel Natasa is staying away to avoid such trolls. Others said Hardik Pandya is being protective of his family. It seems she had come for one of the matches at the Wankhede Stadium. 

The couple married in 2020 in the lockdown when the actress and model was already pregnant with Agastya. Natasa Stankovic has worked in movies like Zero and Baahubali. 

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I hope hardik is not taking it out in her trolling can be tough yo deal with

22 days ago

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