Intriguing story of Vikram-Betal awaits in Singhasan Battisi!

Viewers of Sony Pal's Singhasan Battisi will witness an interesting storyline in the following episodes.

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Like known to all, Sony Pal's Singhasan Battisi is all about narration of 32 stories to Raja Bhoj (Siddharth Arora) by Maha Maya (Sayantani Ghosh). The recent story that commenced was of Vikram Betal. TellyBuzz brings to you the latest track update regarding the show.

Our source informs, "Viewers in the upcoming episodes will witness a lot about the Vikram Betal story. Viewers will witness Betal (Abhaas Mehat) asking Vikram for Singhasan. Vikram (Karan Suchak) reluctantly refuses to give him just for the fact that the Singhasan was given to Vikram. During one of the incidents, Vikram hears Betal laughing and he realizes that his laugh is exactly similar to his childhood friend Chitragupt. Later, he also finds a murti (Statue) that Chitragupt had given him as a child. This makes Vikram strongly believe that Betal is his friend and handover Singhasan to Betal. All of the angel Statues refuse to go with Betal since this responsibility was given to Vikram. He takes the Singhasan and gives it to Bhadrakar. Learning about him giving the Singhasan to Bhadrakar, Vikram asks Betal to take him to Bhadrakar. He had convinced Betal to get the Singhasan and in return he will free all the souls. Since he cheated Betal, he took Vikram to him to get back Singhasan. Meanwhile, all the angle statues are fighting against the Bhadrakar and he is almost successful in doing so. Just then, Vikram reaches there, fights with Bhadrakar and takes the Singhasan back with him."

"After all of this, Vikram finds Betal sitting at the cemetery. He asks Betal to come back to him or go to the Patal Lok to find solace. He then avers saying for us there is no place for solace. Knowing about this, he gets a Yagya done to please Lord Aryaman and asks him to come up with a separate Lok where people like Betal who met with an accidental death can live and find peace. After all of this, Bettal comes to the palace to apologize to everyone for the inconvenience that he caused," ends our source.

This surely is an intriguing storyline.

Upasana Patel

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Maoh 9 years ago wow so this song will be shot as i expected ...i knew it...it would be just like the title song of engeyum kadhal:)))
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