Interview with Tina Kuwajerwala

Gorgeous Tina Kuwajerwala discussing about her experience on the floor of Nach Baliye with India Forums.

How did it feel to get so many kisses from Kunal Kohli?

Tina: It was amazing. In the 1st few episodes when I didn’t get them, I was quite disappointed because I knew that it was my 1st time and I thought that they would consider that but unfortunately they didn’t consider on any thing of that short and when I realize that there is going to be no points for not being an actor. It is a competition and I have to play it like a competition. Of course I was disappointed when they said that you are not great but once it started,
I took of, I was very glad and really thanks to Harshad--Vithal, without them I can’t think we could take it at all.

How did Hussain react when you got all that kisses?

Tina: Hussain is the coolest guy. He is not at all possessive. So, actually he never gave any reaction. He used to just tease me like aah ha Kunal Kohli abhi to next film mai ha. In fact our next concept was like we were to going to have a film shot in one of the concept saying directing by Kunal Kohli and after Faana Kunal makes Tina. It was suppose to be one of our concepts but unfortunately we never got to play it. Probably it would have worked well in the comedy round.

Was it difficult to dance on those very, very high heels?

Tina: I think the only time I danced with the high heels is today I wondered how I did it. The stage was really slippery. It was not good for dance, as we use to slip there. Mostly we don’t wear any shoes while dancing because of the slippery. At the end we started realizing that we have to put rubber souls belowalso. So that was how we started doing.

How did your romance with Hussain Start?

Tina: It started in college where Hussain use to participate in lots of stage shows and I was very sophisticated girl who did not use to let any guy come close to me, which was very sad but we had a group. I had a friend name Kiran who one of our common friend. Hussain use to take the opportunity when Satish use to talk to Kiran, he use to talk to me. We use to be together most of the time, in fact I use to be in Kiran’s place after college and then we use to go for computer classes together, so whenever Satish speak to Kiran Mr. Hussain Kuwajerwala use to snatch the phone and speak to Tina and then he gave me his no. a couple of time which I ignored. So once he was like you always take the no. and you don’t call, that’s how he started talking on the phone. It carried on from there and none of us ever proposed to each other. We were scared about the differences in cast, that would create a problem but fortunately our parents also understood and we are happily married today.

Which is your favorite perfume?

Tina: My favorite perfume is David of Cool Bottle that’s the only perfume I use. I am very allergy to different smell like if Hussain puts the powder or perfume I start sneezing. I think this is the only perfume I don’t sneeze with but I am getting closer to try new things but of now it is David of Cool Bottle’s.

Whom do you consider as your ideal?

Tina: My ideal is actually no one as a person but you can say in every walk of life, at every stage there is a different person who is being my ideal. When Iwas small it was my parent whom I looked up too. Then in school it would be my teacher and so on and so forth. So thereis not being any one particular person whom I am inspired by but when I started working, then it would be the person who have been training me, then my clients how they work, how they do business so automatically they become there ideal but no one particular person as such.
Describe Hussain in less than 5 words?

Tina: I just require one word and that is perfect.

Any memories from your days before Hussain came in your life?

Tina: There are many memories. All my fights with my brother are very special to me. We use to literally throw things on each other and I use to snatch him and he use to bit me up. Then there is a thing called tikli which we use to do each other. It is basically correcting one on the back or on the hand. So we were like today we will do it for 5 min and then I will give you 400 chocolates. So after that I will do tikli to you for rest of my life and beyond. This is what happened when we were small kids. I use to tell him ok now I will do for rest of my life if you do tikli to me for 5 min. so we are supposed to do tikli to each other for the rest of our life.Obviously I am sure my brother has forgotten. That’s the memory I am being laughing at every time I think about it but I haven’t spoken to him about this after we grown up, but I think I shouldspeak to him about this. I am supposed to do tikli to him. That’s the only job then. This is the promise that I made to him and he made to me.

How young will you be?

Tina: 28

Aapki beauty and talent ka raj?

Tina:Love love and more love from every one. When I say love it doesn’t mean Hussain it implies parents, you guys. It implies with every one who has been with touch with me.

Did you want to act in serials before you were approached to this particular serial now you are going to do on Sony?

Tina: No I never wanted to act, in fact I am still repenting that I have taken it up. I have finished my shooting of my 1st episode and it was quite a disaster because the script wasn’t ready and the guests were already on the set. I have to do a little prompt to question, answers. For me it wasdifficult knowing thatI am completely new, and completely raw. I don’t know that how it is going to turn out but I am really repenting.

Tell us something about the show?

Tina: It is basically a countdown cum celebrity chat show. It is going to have viewers watching top 5 songs and top 5 films of the week. We will be giving you the choice for every week of the top 5 films and you have to rate them and then we will put it in order of the vote that come in. Then we are also going to have a celebrity on the show with whom I am going to chat and that celebrity will be 50% from the bollywood industry. We would be speaking about there carrier, life, gossips surrounding them. It has to be in Hindi. My Hindi is not fluent, it’s not bad but it’s not very good. I mean I am not use to speak in Hindi. I am repenting taking it but since I knew the production house, they worked with Hussain before so I know there stuff very well. When he says that you must then I can not say no to him. Then I gave audition and the channel liked it and they refuse to get me go after that. I just hope I could do a good job. I am going to work as hard as I did for Nach but really I can’t promise at least dancing I will not say bad at but if I am bad at then please don’t watch it.

What’s your birthday wish?

Tina: Love for ever, smiles for ever, health for ever, friend for ever.

Your favorite dancing couples accept you and Hussain?

Tina: Technically and dance wise I think there was noone to bit Tannaz and Baktiyar but that was only technically as an over all package I mean the team dancer, the artist and the choreographer. So apart from Hussain-Tina, Harshad-Vithal, I think Shweta-Manav and Yogesh as a team.

Can you tell me something interesting about yourself, which has not been said by you in any of the interviews taking so far?

Tina: You all hardly know me. You all think that I keep smiling all the time but I am a very mean girl. I am quite wicked if I want to be and this is one thing I have not said in any interview. While I use to travel to college, the guys who try to mess with me on the road I use to box them up, I run behind and snatch there faces and joking and laughing at them. That’s the kind of me, I can not give attitude to any one and that’s the one thing I can’t take attitude from any one.

Sing a song for us?

Tina: Chandani Rahati Hai Jaha Pe ….

We wish you all the very best and have a very rocking birthday?

Tina: I want to tell that I have given many interviews now and you know how to get the best out of a person with your lovely laughter and words as well.

Text Edited and Images Added By: Indra Daga

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