Interview with Rucha Gujrati

Interview with Rucha Gujrati

Rucha Gujrati:--

Any message you want to give out in the beginning?

Rucha: Keep smiling and just think about your future and life is full of fun so enjoy your life.

How did you feel working with Aashka Goradia?

Rucha: She is a good co-artist. We have a very good repo on and off-screen both. We use to share one room, we use to chat, share our personal life so we are good buddies. We like each other.

Why did you choose the role of Kali?

Rucha: Kali is not completely out, not negative. It is a complete convincing character where she is completely insecure in life, because of her insecurity in life she goes into all wrong things to get everything happened right in her life. There she is wrong, she is not just that kind of a girl but then when it comes to her life she wants it. She fought for whole life, so basically it is her life and she wants things to happen in right way. She wanted her dad to be there at her side.

Are you really as Kali in real life as well?

Rucha: I am a little bit jeede but not completely like her. I believe in modesty and I think people do appreciate that and thats why I am keeping up my good work.

If you would be Kali in real life what would your attitude be for Kkusum and Kumud, will it be like the way you behave in Kkusum?

Rucha: I am not at all like Kali in real life, so I don’t know that how am I going to deal with Kkusum and Kumud, off-screen life I am very good friends with them, I enjoy working with them. On-screen chemistry and off-screen chemistry doesn't match.

Do you miss working with Balaji teleflims, is there any thing between Balaji and you?

Rucha: I miss working with Balaji but it is gracefully ended. It is fine with me and I didn’t have any problem with Balaji. They are still calling me with a couple of negative roles which I really
don’t want to do. As I am doing a positive role in Bhabhi, so I would like to take positive roles in future, or may be something very different from positive and negative or a grey shade which is very convincing or different.

What was your favorite scene from Kkusum?

Rucha: I think that was when I did a scene with my father and I had a base of dialouges where I say why is he doing this to me, why is he giving too much of importance to Kumud. When it comes to Kumud he supports her and when it comes to me he doesn’t support me. The whole is family standing against me, and they are not at my side to say against Kumud. When she tries to convince her father that time her father realized and then he cries with her daughter. So I think that was my memorable scene. It was a very beautifully shot scene also.

There were 3 Kkusum Naushin, Mansi and Shilpa whom did you prefer?

Rucha: Everybody are such a beautiful people, they were amazing working with, because I had a very good rapo with each and every Kkusum which I had worked with because they were not at all different to me and they were good to me so I had to be good to them. I had no issues with them. I think 3 of the Kkusums were nice to me. I enjoyed working with them.

How did you get Bhabhi’s role?

Rucha: I just went for a test where in one test they liked me and from there my Bhabhi’s journey starts. So this is how I got Bhabhi.

How do you feel to be a Bhabhi in Bhabhi?

Rucha: Its amazing because I didn’t know that I would take over the Bhabhi show completely, because now I am in a lead. Bhabhi was played by Dolly Sohi, and after she left for Canada because she settled out there. So I completely take over the whole serial. I am very happy as itis a completely satisfactory job. I am enjoying it, and I hope I keep up the expectation which my viewers want.

What was your feeling when you did a positive character in Bhabhi after doing a negative character in Kkusum?

Rucha: As an actor a person wants to do different shades, so there I played a complete out. It was not negative, it was a grey shade with too much of variation and over here it is a complete different shade so one actor wants to emote in a very different way and in a very short period I got two different characters to play. One was grey and one was completely positive. I am very happy and very much contended as that is what a actor wants.

How did you land up in acting?

Rucha: I was inclined towards this line since childhood. I have worked in couple of movies as a child artist like in Shikari, then I was doing the serial for DD2,the serial called Tak Dhina Dhin, directed by Krishna Raghav. From there my journey started. I did a diploma in Bharatnatyam too then I just took a break to complete my studies also. I gave a couple of auditions, then my commercial journey starts. I did some commercials like Livon, Emami cream and Clinic All Clear and then it goes on. I did a Gurdasman Video, Pankaj Udas video. I mean I did a couple of videos as well. One day I got a call from Balaji where somebody asked me to come for an audition. I didn’t want to do serial, because I was like oh no I can’t do this. I was completely commercial person and I wanted to do more of that.

Did you wanted to go towards the films?

Rucha: Ya I was inclined towards big screen because it is completely different thing but when I got Kali then I say no small screen and big screen do not have difference at all. There is anequal exposure on small screen and big screen, same kind of stuff which is being showed now a days on small screens and there are many big screen people coming on small screen like Sri Devi, Ravina Tandon, Hema Malani, they are coming on small screen so why not we. Then I auditioned for the other serial for Kahi To Hoga and from there I got Kali. I didn’t want to do come and go movies. I wanted to do which leaves a mark, so I think Kali was a good expose and I think I didn’t made a wrong decision.

If Rucha had to marry any of her on-screen co-stars characters who would you choose out of Garv, Nakul, Shitiz, Abhay, Tilak and why?

Rucha: If I had to marry someone on-screen I think they are very good buddies, if I had to marry I would marry Tilak, because I think he is a complete man.

If you were not an actor what would you be?

Rucha: My pathology course is my security, my dad is a pathologist so I took up this course because I wanted to join my dad, and wanted to look after his business. So I did my course for this, I didn’t knew that my life will change so much, then after joining my dad for 2-3 months I got Kali’s offer. I took a chance and I think it is good for me.

The great mystery for all of us is your young age and your looks push you back from getting mature?

Rucha: It is a good thing when you are looking young. If people are telling about the Bhabhi I am portraying it as a young bhabhi because it is the generation which will be in Bhabhi. Initially it was played by Dolly Sohi who was playing my mother's role and right now Suhana is playing the character of a young bhabhi. It is completely new look to the show. It has more of drama and more fun. I am not at all portraying a older generation, I am portraying a younger generation.

How would you describe the real Rucha?

Rucha: A simple modest person and she smiles whole day.

Who are your inspiration and your ideal?

Rucha: As far as my personal life is concern my mom and dad because I think they have been a great support to me and I really appreciate that, I would like to thank them because of them I am here right now. On-screen I look up to Amitabh Bachchan ji because I think he is one man in the whole industry whom you can look up to. I mean be it his nature, be it his acting; every thing is good about him.

Who are you close to in the industry?

Rucha: I think many of them, I can’t name one. I can say Aashka, Chetan Hansraj, Amit Sarin, Manish Goel.

What is friendship mean to you?

Rucha: Friendship is one feeling which is just very silent. One person understands what other person is thinking right now I think that’s friendship mean to me. It is a complete sharing thing; you need to share emotions with your friend because they are the one who understand your emotions. I think friendship is a very pure word which one person should understand.

Where are you originally from?

Rucha: I am originally from Mumbai, I am here from 22 years now.

Can you speak any other language other than Hindi?

Rucha: I can speak little bit of Marathi, I am not that great. My surname is Gujrati and I can’t speak Gujrati.

Where would you find yourself in next 5 yrs?

Rucha: I don’t think too much about the future, because I just take it as it comes to me and I live for today.

What is closest duration in the future which you think about?

Rucha: I plan things and I keep it too my self, I don’t say it to peoples. I am taking work very slowly and steady because I don’t want to rush up with my work. I need to do a very good work in the industry. After Kali I took Bhabhi which is different and after Bhabhi I would take other sensible role, not a very rush decision. May be I will keep patience and go for big screen or in small screen then may be something very different, not the same kind of stuff.

If you would not prefer to live in India where would you prefer to live?

Rucha: America because last year I visited America, U.S is a beautiful country and its amazing, I have a huge fan following out there. So I would love to work over there.

How was your experience when you came for Navratri?

Rucha: During my first visit to U.S I never thought that I will be having such a huge fan following out there. I didn’t know about Sony being so big that when we landed and went for the shows people were really liking us. It feels good when people like your work. We are living on the expectation on what the viewers wants. It feels great.

Is there any special person in your life, are you in a hunt, any marriage plans coming up?

Rucha: There are no marriage plans because there are more carreer plans. I am single. If somebody comes and knock I will ofcourse like to be friend with the person.

Is there any way we can get in touch with you?

Rucha: Rucha_82 [email protected].

Do you believe in destiny?

Rucha: I do believe in destiny and luck is very important because you don’t know when you get a click, so it is all on God. I think he has planned everything for me.

If you get to date one guy from television or bollywood who would that be and why?

Rucha: In bollywood I would like to go with Abhishek Bachan. In television I don’t think so, whom ever I meet that person is engaged. I want to meet someone who is single.

Rapid Fire:

Favorite color?

Rucha: Blue.

Favorite food?

Rucha: Chinese.

Favorite holiday destination?

Rucha: Mauritius.

Favorite season?

Rucha: Spring.


Rucha: Love watching movies, dancing, listening to music.

Favorite movie?

Rucha: I think Black was amazing movie which I saw recently.

Your all time favorite song?

Rucha: I like from DDLJ Tujhe Dekha To Ye…

Would you go for looks or personality in a guy?

Rucha: I think I will go for overall package but looks is 2nd thing for me,my priorty will be personality.

Favorite actor and actress?

Rucha: Favorite actor is Abhishek Bachan and actress Rani Mukherjee.

Kkusum or Bhabhi?

Rucha: Both.

Kali or Suhana?

Rucha: Both have given me too much.

Balaji or Utv?

Rucha: Both.

Abhishek or John Abraham?

Rucha: Abhishek.

Favorite co-star Nakul or Garv?

Rucha: Garv.

Mansi or Shilpa?

Rucha: Both.

Kkusum or Mahi?

Rucha: Mahi.

Favorite ice-cream flavor?

Rucha: Honey nut and crunch.

Favorite serial?

Rucha: I like Friends; I also like to watch Laughter Challenge.

How does Rucha spend her day?

Rucha: If I get an off I usually take a trip to out of town, may be to Mahabaleshwar and spend a whole day over there or I spend my whole day on shopping.

Any special message would you like to give?

Rucha: Love you all keep smiling, keep watching my serial because of you guys I am here. Thank you so much.

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