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Interview with Prachi Desai

Interview with Prachi Desai

Published: Monday,Jan 29, 2007 00:00 AM GMT-07:00
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Prachi Desai:--

Itni jaldi itni popularity kabhi sochi thi aapne?

Prachi: Kabhi nahi socha tha. I did have a dream to be on television,to be an actor whether television, whether advertisement or movies whatever it be I wanted to be an actress one day and actually achieving it, being liked by people I can't tell you what a lovely feeling it is.

How is it working with Ekta and we have heard that when Ekta realized that people loves to watch you she took special interest in your clothes and jewelry so is this true?

Prachi: Let me tell you that Balaji is the 1st production house that I have ever worked with. I have not worked in television or worked with any production house before and I was really scared of thinking not knowing how the telly world would be and 1st time I was working then I thought that it would be really tough and difficult but things were made so easy and lovely in this place that I just can’t tell you. I think Balaji and Ekta has the best production house and after working here I am so contented and my dreams has come true and fulfilled. So I think it is lovely working with her and she is just so intelligent, so talented I can’t tell you and ya if you ask me about my character how it became popular. I just don’t know people just got hold of the simplicity that Bani had and it is not that she took interest into the clothes and jewelry just because it has become popular all of a sudden but she liked Kasam Se right from the beginning and ever since it started doing well she was very happy with the show so she took lot of interest in the creativity not only for Bani but for all the characters but still Bani was her favorite character.

Kasam Se mein Bani aur Jai Walia ke beech mein kuch tention chal raha hai to sab janna chahate hai ki yeh tention kab khatam hoga?

Prachi: Let me tell you that I am also waiting to get back because shooting alone has become a little boring for me. Ram and me enjoy shooting together a lot but even I hope we do come back together. I will convey this message to Ram also and Ram will be happy to know that you all like our pair a lot. I really don’t know that when will be coming together but lets hope that the story goes well and just like everybody wants us to be together we do get back and if you all ask me why it’s happening, it happen in every daily soap.

Kuch log janna chahate hai ki aab aap world tour me kab ja rahe hai?

Prachi: That is another dream so I hope I get a chance to do it as soon as I can but the problem is that if I go for a world tour then probably you guys have to miss Bani on Kassam Se. If I have time I hope I will go and lets hope I can meet all my fans when I go for a world tour wherever I go.

You started at a very young age in Kassam Se and you are playing a mature role its obvious that you must have difficulties in beginning with Ram Kapoor in the opposite role. He is a mature actor. It make him look not so approachable so what was it like when you started shooting with him or when you 1st met him?

Prachi: When I started I was indeed very young they told me about the character being the eldest sister that was all what I knew in the beginning and they set me up with Pushkar. That time I said to god that how will I play the eldest sister because the other two girls Roshani and Arunima the two sisters were very sweet to me but on the acting part of it I was playing the eldest sister and they were like 10 yrs elder to me. It happened smoothly but all of the sudden the one night track changes, now Bani will get married to Jai Walia. It was a shock, for one day I didn’t know what to do, how will I play a wife. Ok I have played a elder sister and I have done it but how will I play a wife to an elder man and I was so nervous about it. Let me tell you today whatever I am to the acting part of it I give 99% of credit to Ram and Ashwani who is playing Jigyasa. I must tell you they have helped me up so much and too much I have learned from Ramand Ashwani. If Ram wasn’t there I couldn’t do the character. He was so supportive and encouraging and he is just a mind blowing actor. It was a great help.

As you said that it was like one night track change so when you started Bani it was not suppose to Bani and Jai Walia, you mean it happened in the mid way of the story line?

Prachi: Originally the story was that the 3 sisters will come to town, they will be staying in Jai Walia’s house but Bani loves Pushkar and Pushkar loves Piya so after they get married Piya get married to Jai and Bani gets Pushkar but it just didn’t work out. People started liking Jai as Pushkar in the beginning then they became more fond of Jai then Pushkar. I think they were not happy with Piya getting married to Jai and also in the sudden we decided that we get Bani married to Jai. So I got people were so crazy that I can’t tell you.

Who do you think is your biggest competitor male or female in the television industry and why and how is your ideal?

Prachi: I just want to say one thing that comes true from the heart and it is that that whether you take it as a competition with other or it never stops because the competition is not with others but with your selves too because however well you perform one doesn’t actually feel satisfied. It’s not like ranking and marks that you get in school. It is not that you can answer the question and get it but here it is so tough. Its not like 1 year job or may be one show job here you get erp every day so it depends on each days performance so you have to live up to it, keep doing well. So competition is all around the air whether it is a small artist or big artist, just because I play Bani I lead to sadness. So it doesn’t mean that I have competition with other leads, it is also that I have competition with any other actor who is playing a small role also and of course with my self also because I may have done well in one or two episode. So it is notthat I can get it with, I have to keep performing well and all over all the time.

Are you still in touch with your friends?

Prachi: With some of my friends I am in touch but some of them I am not in touch because I don’t have so much of time that I use to hang out with them but whenever we get time we do mail each other and sometime we get to talk to each other. Its not that I have forgotten them at all. They also know that I do remember them and they love me a lot, it is the lack of time otherwise nothing has changed.

What about studies, being 18 you were hardly out of inter in college?

Prachi: I was in my 12th standard. I was actually 16 when I auditioned for this and I cheated. I wrote 18 or 17 and I got qualified in the audition and in a week time I came to Mumbai and luckily I just had my birthday then, so I just turned 17. Now I have completed 1 year of shooting and I have become 18 so I feel legally matured to do roles.

If you were not an actress then what where your plans?

Prachi: Even since school I was a crazy to be on television or whatever media but to be an actress. At first I thought that I have to study and I couldn’t have got into it. I thought I would do mass communication. If not directly into acting then may be through someway I would try my luck out. So I thought I would do mass communication, become an air hostess and something like that and try my luck in that, but after getting into 12 I took up arts, psychology interested me a lot so I thought before I would become an actress I will do psychology because I really like the subject. But now forget psychology the only time I have got is to learn dialouges.

Whats your favorite cartoon?

Prachi: I like all cartoons actually. I like Power Puff girls.

Your first crush was Kunal Khemu is that true?

Prachi: Thats not actually true Kunal Khemu was my first crush after I came here but before when I was in school my first crush was Saheed Kapoor and Arjun Rampal and of course in actingit is John.

How will you react to meet them and say you will sign a film against Saheed Kapoor or John?

Prachi: I would be really excited but not so much as much as I would have been if I have not been here because now I am so used to it. Now it won’t excite me as much because people keep asking me how was it working with Ram, he is so hot and I have no answer to it. I just want to tell them that sorry but it is quite normal because we see each other everyday and it is not so exciting for me. It would be a lot of fun but not as much as it would have been for one of us.

If Prachi would be a color what color you would be?

Prachi: Most of the people here they think its pink because they see me all the time in pink, all my things in pink and if you see my soft toy is also pink but other wise I love the color blue. All the shades of blue and pink and black also.

Favorite ice-cream flavor?

Prachi: Chocolate but no give up for ice-cream any flavor works.

Favorite Zee serial beside Kassam Se?

Prachi: I am really sorry but I really don’t watch serial these days, so I don’t know much but before when we use to watch television there were many serials and one of the latest I could tell you Aruna Erani’s show that was Mushkan. I really loved that show.

If you have to make a choice Tulsi or Parwati?

Prachi: When Kyunki started it was Tulsi and recently I have not been watching Kyunki but I have got a chance to watch Kahani because there is a new young generation which really excites me so right now it’s Parwati because I am watching Kahani these days and before it was Tulsi. Both of them actually.

Can you tell me something which was embarrassing for you in sets, on anyday you have shoot so far?

Prachi: Each day there is something embarrassing happening. I have so many incidents like where I have romantic scenes and all of a sudden you fall down and there is no reaction that you can give to anybody when you just bump and fall down somewhere but most embarrassing is when Ram comes to set everyday and he says hey to everybody and before he tells me he call me a pig that is so embarrassing. Its a pig or a monkey or a some other animal that he keeps calling me. So that is embarrassing.

How do you feel when you read criticism, when somebody is really nasty and there are times when they really write bad things, sometimes personal, sometimes about the character you are playing? How do you deal with that?

Prachi: As a viewer I was crazy and I use to watch television more than the character, the artist I liked I used to criticize them and even today knowing that so many people are so fond of Bani today and everything I yet noticed that there would be so many people who would not be liking the pair. They must be finding something wrong about the character or the story line and I know it for sure because I was one of them who used to criticize. I just take it up so positively thinking that if they really don’t like us there is something about it and I try. When somebody say I don’t like this then you can at least correct it or do better not just something flattering you about your performance. If it really wasn’t good then it’s great that somebody comes up with the idea that no it wasn’t good, you can make it better next time. So I take it very positively keeping in mind that I too was a viewer once and I use to criticize a lot. All my critics also I love them as much as I love my fans and at the end of the day two sides of the corner.

Does Ekta Kappor ever follow that we write in India Forum, have you ever found aboutthat?

Prachi: She actually doesn’t get time to sit down and personally check all the views and all the mails but there are people who checks them and then we have the conversation in the office also. Let me tell you one thing that all your reviews and all your opinions are very important because every day there is a creative meeting about the shows and the writers actually checks what people are liking, what they are not liking. So according to the likes and dislikes they plan the story line. So its so important to have reviews about the show because they do check and even Ekta does. People tell her that this is the current review going on and so many times Ram comes in and its true that we all of us follows.

Prachi can you sing a song for us?

Prachi: Meri Duniya Hai……..

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i think srk has made a great choice by doing this film =]
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CDI is must must must watched movie, at least once people should see it, It will make your proud of who you are..
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