Review: 'Crakk' is a faltering fusion of 'if Khatron Ke Khiladi meets Squid Game' in a dismal parody

If I had to say it in one line, the film's essence can be summed up as, "Oops, you've mistakenly downloaded the wrong version of Squid Game."

Review: 'Crakk'
Crakk review

Vidyut Jammwal, synonymous with action and stunts, takes a new leap in the supposed 'first-ever Indian sports-action film,' Crakk. Joining forces with co-star Arjun Rampal and director Aditya Datt. While I will give a detailed review as to what I felt about the movie, If I had to say it in one line, the film's essence can be summed up as, "Oops, you've mistakenly downloaded the wrong version of Squid Game."

Goodbye Logic, Physics and Sense

Goodbye Logic, Physics and Sense
A still of Siddhy with her brother

Aditya Datt became so engrossed in crafting his 'sports-action' universe that he inadvertently overlooked the blatant disregard for scientific principles and gravity within the film. The storyline revolves around Siddhu, a slum dweller portrayed by Vidyut Jammwal, who enters the underground survival sports competition called "Maidaan," led by Dev (played by Arjun Rampal). Siddhu's quest is to uncover the truth behind his deceased brother and emerge victorious in the intense sport. Unfortunately, the film tends to drag, leading to moments of boredom. Vidyut's adrenaline levels are off the charts, and you just ponder what he is high on.

You Downloaded The Wrong Squid Game

The action sequences in Crakk

In the shadowy realm of clandestine games, contestants risk their lives, echoing Squid Game, making you question if a parallel narrative is unfolding. Further, elements reminiscent of flag-grabbing amidst electrifying challenges and wild creatures transport you to the satirical landscape of Khatron Ke Khiladi. Despite attempts to unveil intricate subplots, the outcome is disappointingly foreseeable, offering nothing novel.

The direction and screenplay lack coherence, occasionally resembling dramatic moments from Ektaa Kapoor's daily soaps, where actors' shocked expressions are emphasized through zoomed-in shots during intense sequences.

The Boys

You Downloaded the Wrong Squid Game
Arjun Rampal and Vidyut's performances

Vidyut Jamwal tries very hard to fit in the role of a street-smart 'slum' boy, delivering lines like 'teri maa ka tol nakaa' and 'Ya toh jaan de yaa hawa aane de' with a cheesy and cringeworthy charm. Yes! now you grasp the movie's tone and brace yourself for a 2-and-a-half-hour cringe-filled journey. His appearance is gritty and untamed, satisfying the thirst for eye-catching action sequences and stunts that captivate, even if they don't challenge the intellect.

Arjun Rampal, portraying Dev, embodies the stereotypical villain with a macho persona capable of executing daring stunts, whether leaping from cliffs or helicopters or effortlessly manoeuvring on a flying bike or tightrope. While visually striking with his sculpted physique, one can't help but question the laws of motion and gravity.

Other so-called Performances

Nora Fatehi and Amy Jackson's roles

Nora Fatehi, unfortunately, finds herself relegated to the role of a mere prop, subjected to objectification throughout the film. Portraying the character of Alia, an influencer, she succumbs too easily to the 'chapri' antics and cheesy pickup lines of Siddhu, resulting in a love story devoid of both chemistry and sensibility.

Amy Jackson, in the role of cop Patricia, makes a valiant attempt to speak Hindi with her accent but falls short. Despite her commendable screen presence in action sequences and other aspects, it appears to be more for visual appeal rather than depth.

Setting and BGM

The landscape of Maidaan in Crakk

The production is executed with remarkable finesse, showcasing each game and the elaborate set and villa where Maidaan unfolds. The crowd, comprised of attractive individuals, and the picturesque Boston landscapes contribute to the grand scale and meticulous planning of the visuals. However, the elaborate effort and expense seem squandered when the narrative attempts to weave these elements into the story.

The background music, at certain junctures, becomes overly pronounced, introducing unnecessary drama. Despite the stunning visuals, the storytelling falls short of doing justice to the grandeur and attention to detail in the production.

The Verdict

Crakk is a visually rich yet logic-deficient spectacle, leaving the audience with a taste of all show and no substance. If you are a Jammwalian, you can fulfil your thirst trap with his adrenaline-heavy action stunts, but otherwise, you can rewatch Squid Game and feel good about art and cinema. 


*1/2(1.5 stars)

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Arjun Rampal

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Crakk - Jeethegaa Toh Jiyegaa!

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This movie seems to be all action no substance

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Of course Nora’s role was flower pot kinda role

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