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Interview with Ejaz Khan

Interview with Ejaz Khan

Published: Monday,May 22, 2006 00:00 AM GMT-06:00
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Ejaz Khan:--

How does it feel to have the most popular fan club here at I-F?

Ejaz: I am honored, I visit India-Forums sometimes. I like to know what you guys are thinking, what you don’t like and most of the time flattering, thanks a lot.
Interview with Ejaz Khan

Which role do you identify more with Kavya or Kunal?

Ejaz: Kavya and Kunal both have a little bit of me in it, I think more of Kunal goes, because I don’t really cry so much but I love the character of Kavya more but identify more with Kunal.

Why did you leave Kkavyanjali?

Ejaz: I am nobody to leave Kkavyanjali or join, if you remember I was a replacement of Kavya. I really didn’t bother when it comes to take decision with Ekta, I trust her completely. When I came to auditione I was told that my character would be killed and it is a daily soap, you never know what is going to happen tomorrow.

Is there any chance of you coming back in Kkavyanjali?

Ejaz: I don’t know, I have not been said anything.

After working in Nimmo has your thoughts changed like you have always maintained that Anita is a wonderful person and you really love working with her, so aap kya kehana chahenge?

Ejaz: I have always maintained that but unfortunately it has changed my latest crush is Kanta Bhehen. I love Bharti ji she is always cracking jokes on the set.

How is it working in Nimmo?

Ejaz: It is one of the easy going shows, there is no stress involved while doing the show kyunki drama nahi hai, hamein act nahi karna parta hai. Bahut maja aata hai yeh show karte hue, karte karte hi hum hass padte hai, aur baaki jo aap dekhte hai that is the blessing of working with theatre artists like Bharti ji. We really have fun and the writer has done such a good job. This is
Interview with Ejaz Khan
one of the best screen plays I have seen. A lot of hard work has been putt in this small little cute show. Once you catch on with the show then it is very difficult go because it is so entertaining.

How is it working with Sidhu ji?

Ejaz: He is fantastic, woh har ek shoot mein improve kartein hain. It is very difficult to maintain because aap ko pata nahi hai ki kya bolne wale hai. He is better than what he comes across in screen. It is great fun to work with him.

Describe yourself in 3 words, also what is your idea of perfect happiness?

Ejaz: As if now I am very hard working, passionate and proud. My idea of perfect happiness I guess is follow your dream with all your heart in the universe, that works for you and just be a nice human being that take care of everything in life.

What comes to your mind when people say that you are the King Khan of television?

Ejaz: I don’t want to be King Khan, I want to be know as an actor. All these title are ok, entertaining to make me smile, I know that people love me but then I don’t really bother about these things. Subah uthta hoon, apne kaam ke baarein mein sochta hoon aur apne scene ko achi tarah se karne ki koshish karta hoon and I come back home.

Suppose you have an hour to your self then how will you spend the time?
Interview with Ejaz Khan

Ejaz: It depends where I am. If I am on my set then I will probably be surfing the net and watching the film. If I am not working then will go for a drive or catch up with friends. One thing I really miss is keeping in touch with my friends. Lekin kya hota hai ki agar hum 24 hours bhi kaam karte hai to woh jindagi real ho jaati hai so I am not really missing out something. If you are doing something that you love then it doesn’t feel like work, so I am really enjoy myself.

How does your dream girl be like?

Ejaz: I guess simplicity, intelligent and I guess she has to be presentable. Main hamesha bolta hoon ki beauty and all are not the criteria, she has to be presentable. She has to be a nice human being, down to earth, less temper than me. She has to be the world to me.

Have you ever considered getting into relationship with somebody in the same line, does that help?

Ejaz: Actually it doesn’t help kyunki agar woh ussi jindagi se aati hai to wahi jindagi hogi, kaam ke baad bhi woh hi jindagi jeeyenge. Din mein agar tum 400 logo se surrounded ho to ghar jaake I need my change of atmosphere, so I guess that wouldn’t help. I am not crossing that out completely but then.

Rapid fire:

Describe what you are wearing now?

Ejaz: I am wearing a grey t-shirt with light blue shorts. It is comfortable.

Choose between love, money and fame?

Ejaz: love.

Interview with Ejaz Khan
The most treasured possession?

Ejaz: I don’t have any.

Most memorable moment?

Ejaz: The day I met my sister.

Strawberry milkshake or Chocolate milkshake?

Ejaz: Strawberry milkshake.

Laptop or Desktop?

Ejaz: Laptop.

Beaches or Mountains?

Ejaz: Mountains.

Romantic or action films?

Ejaz: Comedy.

What can we hope to see Kunal in future?

Ejaz: He is not to make any decision ever. He is going to be confused. Some people tell me that I over do it so it wont happened.

Please sing a song?

Ejaz: Mele Thee Dekhne…..

Nimmo is actually afraid and friendly or she acts out?

Ejaz: She love dogs, Oscar is a star on the set. Jaise Oscar aata hai set pe to, uska actuall naam Bruno hai to sab usko Bruno Bruno Bruno kar ke bulate hai, uske neck ko scratch karte hai specially the girls.

What is your birthday?

Ejaz: 28th of August.

Do you have any thing lined up after Nimmo or what are your future plans?
Interview with Ejaz Khan

Ejaz: Mujhe kal ka pata nahi to ki main Nimmo mein rahunga ki kahin aur hoonga. If you want to ask about my carreer in Balaji that is left on Ekta. Nimmo ke baad maine kuch decide nahi kiya hai but the character that Ekta will give me it will be challenging. So everything new is coming.

Are you open to films?

Ejaz: I am not shut for anything. I mean if anything good comes then I will do that.

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