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Instant Tadka: Chole With Amit Varma

We make the delicious dish of choley mixed with the Kismat Konnection team with the handsome Amit Varma!

Published: Monday,Aug 18, 2008 16:44 PM GMT-06:00
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Instant Tadka With Amit Varma

Instant Tadka is a Bolly Curry Special in which each week one actor will make a special dish for you with their recent films! Full of imagination and delicious ingredients, Instant Tadka starts of this week with the dashing, cute, and talented Amit Varma who was recently seen in a crucial role in the popular film Kismat Konnection! So get ready as Amit's cooking delicious choley using his Kismat Konnection team as the ingredients....

So Amit you are the chef today and you are to tell me who you think of when I say each ingredient required in making Choley!

Instant Tadka: Chole With Amit Varma
Tomato: Me because I am Red and Round
Green Chillies: (Haha) The girl opposite me because she was very Good Looking and Hot!
Ginger: Vishal Malthora
Chole: Himani Shivpuri , Shahid Kappor
Aamchur: The Khata thing right? I think that would be Shahid
Garam Masala: Om Puri ji because he was very short tempered in the film
Potato: Again me
Chole Masala: Vidya Balan
And salt for taste: Me again ;)

Amit Comments: I can’t cook so I am sure the answers are weird because I can’t cook to save my life!!!

Well Amit the choley look delicious and tempting to us and we have to say you did a great job! Till then everyone see you next week with another celebrity playing the yummy round of Instant Tadka!

Reporter: Sony Kanodia
Courtesy: Bolly Curry
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