Innermost emotions of Terence revealed...

The mentor Terence Lewis reveals his secret of unanswered love in Zee's Dance India Dance...

In the coming episode of Zee's Dance India Dance, one of the mentors Terence Lewis reveals his innermost secret after a performance. He comes open about his unrequited love through a dance drama on the show.

"Terence performed on 'tadap tadap ke...' with his contestants Jai Kumar and Alisha Singh. After the performance, he was quite emotional as he remembered his love which he could not get," says our khabroo.

Talking about his love story our source adds, "Terence Lewis was a 20+ lad when he was madly in love with this girl from his college. Just when their love story was about to blossom and fly high, fate intervened and clipped its wings."

"The girl being a Hindu (Terence is a Christian) decided to give in to the pressures of the society, and got married to someone from her own community. Terence was left with a broken heart and it took him a long time to recover from it," chirps the little birdie.

Everyone on the sets got bit emotional but at the end, everything was fine and back to normal.

So viewers are you ready for some dhamaka and drama on the reality show this week??

Reporter and Author: Rachana Trivedi

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Comments (14)

Nice performance..
I feel sad for terence..hope he will fall in love wit some1 who is crazily in love wit him soon :)

14 years ago

Hope his wifi does not watch this episode or else she will be heartbroken seeing it....

15 years ago

awww, that so sad! hope he''s able to move on from it!


15 years ago

awwwwww I feel bad for him I guess I''m sure he will find sum1 who will love him or sum1will find him and hope they will luv eachother terrence LOL u will find sum girl to luv u lolxxx

15 years ago

Aww that''s really sad :(( But really looking forward to this performance! Terence is an awesome choreographer!

15 years ago

Aw, i''m sure he''ll find sum1 betta! N here''s proof 2 all those that thought he was gay

15 years ago

aww.. thats really bad. Hope he gets some other girl.

15 years ago

He''s sucha real personified..aww..God bless him & hope he get someone in his life that really love him :)

15 years ago

Aha ...thats really so sad .... wish he finds someone again and this time hope it wont break his heart......

15 years ago

awwwww......i hope now he has someone in his life that really loves him
PS: bet you the girl regrets it every single day specially now

15 years ago

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