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#IndVsPak: All that TV Celebrities had to say During and After the HISTORIC Match!

Win or loss, its all about playing with spirit...


The India Vs Pakistan cricket match was an absolute roller coaster ride, where there were some positive moments for India, while several heart-in-the-mouth instances too. Even though India lost, twitter was not short of mixed action constantly.

Here's how the TV Celebs responded to the on-goings and the result of the match-

While there was some humour involved-

There was some motivation too-

And finally people reacted on the result-


Rohit Roy Kishwer Merchantt Arjun Bijlani Gaurav Chopraa Gautam Gulati Ankita Bhargava Mantra

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saniya_naik 3 years ago Drashti Dhami, good night for now dear...let me enjoy seeing you this last are indeed mesmerizing
StayStrong 3 years ago Go Green!!! Congratulations Team Pakistan!!!

No doubt India played so well throughout the series.

Sanskruthi 3 years ago A article about cricket we lost no article about hockey against Pak we won by 7-1, and do you guys even know about Srikanth Kidambi?! Even if we lost our cricket is stronger than any other country! Other sections need recognition and promotion too!
beingaditij 3 years ago Sometimes we win. Sometimes we lose. Its a part of life and game. Yes! Today they did not play well but this is the same #TeamIndia who won many times against many strong teams. Every time a team has its day.

We won in hockey world cup toda against pak terrifically.
But we lose in cricket.

Every match has its destiny.

Undoubtedly Pak played a fab game. They deserve to win.

But the way team India has performed in the whole tournament is also commendable.

Mannmohanaa 3 years ago A hard day for India. Better luck the next time! Pak deserved to win and they did. And Indians too kept up the spirit of the game till the end. #BleedBlue
rockkker 3 years ago I know they didn't play well today.
but they are the one who won many games for us.
Stand with them when team loss.
Support # bleedBlue
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