Indrani shows her intent in adopting Ira in Chhoti Si Zindagi..

The loving and compassionate side of Indrani towards Ira will come to the fore in the Zee show..

Zee TV and Hats Off Productions' Chhoti Si Zindagi recently saw the entry of Shweta Gautam and Ashish Kaul, the wealthy couple who have everything in life except for a kid of their own!

The compassionate attitude of Indrani, played by Shweta Gautam towards the little girl Ira (Shruti Bhist) has already been shown. In the coming episodes, Revathi (Maninee Mishra) will kindle the motherly feeling in her, and will force her to talk to her husband Manoj to adopt Ira.

Our source states, "Indrani is not aware that Revathi intends to separate Isha (Richa Mukherjee) and Ira this way. Indrani has fallen for little Ira who calls her 'Pari'. However, Manoj declines the adoption proposal
put in by his wife. Knowing this, Revathi makes another plan to get Ira to Indrani's house, thereby entice Manoj to love and care for the girl".

In tomorrow's episode, we will see the emotional side of Indrani who decorates her house to welcome Ira and arranges for a party with pastries and other eatables. However, at the end of the episode, Revathi spills the beans to Ira that she will be getting to live with them and they are her new parents. There will be an emotional scene wherein Ira will refuse to leave her sister Isha. This will make Indrani too emotional.

We contacted Shweta Gautam, who was last seen in Star Plus' Love U Zindagi and she tells us, "Yes, Indrani has grown fond of Ira and wishes to adopt her. She does not know of the evil motive of Revathi, and thinks that she is helping her to get a kid, as she cannot conceive".

Catch this emotional bonding of Indrani in Chhoti Si Zindagi..

Reporter and Author: Srividya Rajesh


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-Nirvana- 9 years ago Loveee this show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It will be sad to see Ira and Isha separate,Indrani looks pretty understanding,really hopes she understand Ira and Isha's love for each other,maybe she can adopt little adorable Chutki! ^-^(my fav character) She always wanted a parent's love,I know all the kids in the orphanage wants it too,just don't like seeing them separated :(2011-06-22 14:13:12
sri11 9 years ago Love this show...I think the writers and director can make this show more interesting and watchable with the story line they have chosen...
SweetSona2010 9 years ago It is really sweet show :) I just love it :)
CrazyChatterbox 11 years ago my condolences too go to adnan ji and his family...
and what sabah did is completely cruel...
really, sabah.. GET A LIFE...
(i completely agree with u on this... luv_pavi)
waterlily_126 11 years ago my condolences with Adnan and his family

thank you
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