Indian Idol Goes Wild this Friday!!! Slideshow Inclusive!

The 11 Finalists of Indian Idol 3 are Spotted!!! To Join them in this Riveting Journey, will be 2 Lucky Contestants, who will again enter thro' the Wild Card Round.. Get Ready as Indian Idol Goes Wild This Friday!!!

Indian Idol 3 has now entered the Finals and the Door to the Galas is wide open for the 11 finalists, who have been picked by the Audience. The Acid Test will Begin Soon, as the Countdown to crowning the Indian Idol – Bharat Ki Shaan has started. One can only say that the Destinastion and Goal is getting nearer for the 11 finalists and they are getting closer to the coveted Title.

But, All is still not Lost for the 18 eliminated contestants of the Piano Round. Lady Luck is still smiling at the ‘Best’ 6 of these 18 contestants, who will be given a last chance to strike Gold with the ‘Wild Card’ Entry. Our esteemed Panel of Judges - Javed Akhtar, Alisha Chinai, Annu Malek and Udit Narayan have a tough task ahead of them in short-listing the lucky 6! The ‘Wild Card’ contenders will have to give their best and perform as this would be their last chance to fame, fortune and moving closer to chasing the dream title of being the nation’s third Indian Idol. Their ‘riaz’, perfect ‘sur’ and choice of song along with all the ‘matkas’ and ‘jhatkas’ will translate into viewers votes which can save them and give them that coveted place in the Gala Round.

So yes, once the Judges are done with selecting the Top 6 for the Wild Card, it is for the contestants to give their best shot. After this, the focus again will shift to the Viewers who need to ‘Think, Think and Think’ before casting their Very Precious Vote. So all will lie again in the hands of the Audience to choose the best from the 6 contestants, based on the intensity of their performance. This will finally set the Platform as the two Lucky Wild Cards will join the 11 finalists for a final showdown in the Galas of Indian Idol 3.

Fasten your Seat Beslts now, as the Countdown has Begun!!! In less than 3 days from now, we will see the 18 eliminated contestants performing.. The Judges will then handpick the best 6 and give the much desired ‘Second Lease of Life’ to relive the the dream of becoming the “Bharat Ki Shaan”…..

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Author: Srividya Rajesh
Contact Author: PM Sree

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Udit Narayan

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Hey guys, I know this show is long over. But does anyone know where I can see Nach Baliye 2 Finals episode? I found onw site but the links are not working.

Pls zara bata do.

17 years ago

great article, thnx a lot, i do hope amit comes bk

17 years ago

Oooooh sounds very interesting.. Will surely watch it. I hope Rehan and Shifa will be back!!
Thanx 4 the article.....

17 years ago

Wowww, can't wait to see the episode!! i hope Bhavin or Amit come back... :( thanks for the article Sree di, and nice pics!!

17 years ago

Thankx for the article.....Can't wait to see it.

17 years ago

ommgg telly buzz reporterzz u guys rockk!
thnks foe the artice=D

17 years ago

but i think harshida n bhavin should b back....

17 years ago

anyone calling Suhit back has to have less brain cells!

17 years ago

i really hope aisha and ankita or shifa get a chance to come bak

17 years ago

Thanks for the article.. I would love to see Bhavin back...

17 years ago

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