India, Independence and its Television!

What is a Television, a source of recreation a medium where each and every family member sits and watch together! Lets track the journey of Television on this Independence day..

The advent of Television started in late 1950’s in but reached masses only in early 80’s.A medium of mass communication finally arrived in ,which was earlier dependent on Newspaper or on Radio. Television is most probably one of the biggest landmark and achivement after we gained !

So lets track the journey of Television in and see where it has reached now Lets and ..its Evolution, a journey which was started by Doordarshan…
Doordarshan had a modest beginning with the experimental telecast starting in in September 1959 with a small transmitter and a makeshift studio. The regular daily transmission started in 1965 as a part of All India Radio. The television service was extended to Mumbai (then ) and in 1972. Till 1975, seven Indian cities had television service and Doordarshan remained the only television channel in . Television services were separated from radio in 1976. Each office of All India Radio and Doordarshan were placed under the management of two separate Director Generals in . Finally Doordarshan as a National Broadcaster came into existence.

The 1980's Era!

From this the television reached our house in 1982 Asiad Games when Doordardhan came into existence and showed the opening ceremony,although eighties was the era of Doordardarshan with soaps such as Humlog(1984),Buniyaad(1986-87) mythological dramas like Ramayan(1987-1988) and Mahabharat(1988-89) glued millions to Doordarshan.after this Doordarshan became more experimental and tried shows on various genres likes of detetective shows such as Karamchand and Vyomkesh Bakshi.Chitrahaar used to be very popular those days as well.

The 1990's Era...

The nineties era was marked by launch of private channels and cable television in India.Channels like Zee TV were launched, it was founded in October 1992 .The early shows comprises of Tara , Banegi Apni Baat and others. Zee TV used to come from 7:30 pm till 10 in the night and only later it started coming 24 hours a day. Then arrived Star TV, 's number 1 cable channel from the past few years, Star Plus regularly features the top 40 programmes on cable in every week. Followed by Sony television and many other private channels!

The era of Soap Operas or Saas-Bahu shows

A soap opera is an ongoing, episodic work of fiction, usually broadcast on television or radio. Programs described as soap operas have existed as an entertainment long enough for audiences to recognize them simply by the term soap.With the introduction of private channels and 24 hours of broadcast, they discovered new term for itself "Saas-Bahu" soaps all thanks to very popular shows such as Kyunki Saas bhi kabhi Bahu thi(started on July 3 2000) , Kahani Ghar Gahr ki and later followed by many other Family centric soaps on various private channels.

The Era of Reality shows!

The reality shows which are hardly real now started way back in late nineties with SRGMPA a singing reality show, a novice step to bring talented and budding singers at a platform and showcase their talent! SRGMPA had given us many talented singers and musician. The trend did not stop here as Indian Idol which was launched in the year 2004 caught the attention of Indian public and brought TRP, money ,fame and viewers .Many shows joined this bandwagon and now we have several such shows running on various channels .With the success of singing reality shows, the Dancing reality shows came into existence as well and caught many eyeballs since then, the trend which was started by Nach Bailye.
Now What's next and what future hold for us! Shows full of Saas bahu operas, Reality tv or anything else…nobody can predict but directly or indirectly its all depend on us, as we get,what we perceive about furture. So think carefully and take the responsbility of your choice!
Concept & Author : Nishtha
Banner & Gif Credit : Shagun

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Its really great and happy Independence day

15 years ago

great article!
happy independence day to everybody!

15 years ago

thanks! Great article... interesting to see the history and development of indian television!

15 years ago

i still remember wen i used to wake up in the morning with the doordarshan music .... then the mile sur mera tumhara aired always then , then saturday and sundays full with ramayan and mahabharat .. and most probably saturday ws of chitrahaar, and we all used to glue to tv sets from 7-00 r 7-30 pm to watch hindi movie songs becoz it ws the only show for hindi new songs!! hehe .. good old days .. 1989-1990s, i ws 3-4 yrs then :)

15 years ago

awesome article telly buzz!!!good info for all our telly adicts!!

15 years ago

Thanks, very nice read


Are we still in the age of saas-bahu? Please, let us not be.

Lets grow out of it.. it's time for a change... reality shows a fab...but lets make something of our fiction also.... lets focus on the cute/youthful shows.. plz everyone, watch DMG :D

15 years ago

Awesome article =D ju get better and better Nish =D

I lub the tele on the top hehe looks goood =)

15 years ago

One of the most lovely article i hav read so purfect!!!!!!!!!

15 years ago

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