Imran Khan reveals his mother's reaction to comments that he looked like a drug addict; says, 'People say...'

Imran Khan who is reportedly going to make a comeback with a Vir Das film has spoken about how his mother felt when people commented that he looked like a drug addict in pictures

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When Imran Khan's pictures looking 'unwell' went viral

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In 2019, pics of an "unwell-looking" Imran Khan went viral

Imran Khan is reportedly going to make a Bollywood comeback with a Vir Das film. The actor who is known as India’s own Disney prince has been away from the limelight for a long time. Imran Khan said that when he was away a lot of ‘untrue things’ were written about him, which he did not bother to clarify. He said that he did not bother but the news reports left his family worried about his health and overall well-being. 

Imran Khan is the nephew of Aamir Khan. His mom is Nuzhat Khan, Aamir’s sister while his dad is Anil Pal. He told a leading channel that such news reached his folks even though they were not active on social media. He said his mother, aunts and the older generation still gets newspapers at home, and they did see the articles. It seems they would show him the pics used by the papers and read out the comments on how he looked like an apparent drug addict. He said it was disturbing. 

Imran Khan said it was a complicated thing to sit down with his parents and explain that such conjecture was absolutely false. He also told them that he was not in a state where he could give clarifications or lash out at the media. He was quoted as saying, “People say these things without any consideration or thought of where it lands.”

Explaining his silence on the ugly rumours, he said he never had interest in clearing the air. Imran Khan said he knew his truth and that is what mattered. He said those who commented on the pics did not know the reality either. He said he did not care to explain himself to people he hardly knew. 

Imran Khan is now in a romantic relationship with Lekha Washington. The two have moved to a new place on rent. The flat is owned by Karan Johar. It seems Aamir Khan will have a cameo in his comeback movie. 

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