Imlie: Surya wins the Chaudhary house in auction, Imlie is devastated yet determined

Imlie written update, 23rd February, 2024: Imlie is determined to protect the Chaudharys even after losing the bid to Surya.

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Sai Ketan Rao and Adrija Roy
Adrija Roy and Sai Ketan Rao as Imlie and Surya Reddy in Star Plus' show Imlie. Image Courtesy: Star

The episode of Imlie tonight starts with Surya shows up at the Chaudhry house wanting to bid in an auction for their property. But Imlie, determined to stop him, locks the door and throws away the keys to keep him out. Even though Surya is confident he'll win the house, Imlie stands her ground.

Imlie determines to stop the auction:

Meanwhile, Sonali tells Imlie that no one has come for the auction, so Imlie thinks she's succeeded in postponing it. But their plan hits a snag when Malati, representing Surya, unexpectedly joins the bidding. Agastya sees this as a chance to outsmart Malati and reveals evidence of her past misdeeds.

The Chaudharys lose the bid to Surya's family:

Malati aggressively bids and ends up winning with a bid of two crores. The Chaudhrys are shocked by this turn of events and can only watch as Surya celebrates his victory. Despite Imlie's pleas, Surya insists on confronting the Chaudhrys, and when he enters the house looking like Agastya, they can't believe their eyes.

Although they're initially taken aback, Daadi's emotional reaction to Surya's resemblance to Gattu (Agastya) softens their stance, and they welcome Surya into their home. There's confusion as they grapple with Surya's presence and his uncanny resemblance to Agastya. Surya explains how he got the house, but the family is further thrown off when Govind shows them a photo of Agastya, making them question everything.

Dadi allows Surya to stay back:

Despite the confusion, Daadi's attachment to Surya and his resemblance to Agastya convince the family to let him stay the night because Daadi is unwell. Surya even affectionately calls him "Daadimaa" and Dadi welcomes him into their family.

Surya saves Imlie from the rain. Imlie is determined to protect Agastya's family from him. 

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