Imlie: Surya buys the Chaudhary house, vows to reclaim Agastya's legacy and Imlie too

Imlie written update, 19th February 2024: Surya is doubtful of Imlie's actions, vows to reclaim Agastya's legacy.

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Adrija Roy and Sai Ketan Rao
Adrija Roy and Sai Ketan Rao. Image Courtesy: Star Plus

The episode of Star Plus' show Imlie tonight starts with the police commissioner confronts Surya with skepticism, questioning his desire to investigate the Chaudhry household solely based on his intuition regarding the disappearance of his brother-in-law. Surya, however, stands firm, asserting the reliability of his instincts and his current undercover status, seeking official authorization. Despite Surya's insistence, the Commissioner emphasizes the necessity of concrete evidence, refusing to grant permission without substantiation. Undeterred, Surya expresses his suspicion towards a girl named Imlie, attributing her greed to potential involvement and linking her to the Chaudhry family, particularly referencing an altercation involving Raghu.

Surya vows to confront Imlie:

Meanwhile, Sonali, apprehensive about a constable's visit and the investigation into Raghu's whereabouts, contacts Imlie, seeking reassurance amidst her anxiety. Despite Imlie's assurances, Surya confides in Constable Tripathi about his personal commitment to uncovering Raghu's disappearance, despite professional limitations. Amidst familial concerns, Surya returns home, promising Malti his resolve to locate Raghu, despite the Commissioner's interference.

Challenged by his mother regarding his failure to locate Raghu, Surya grapples with the weight of familial expectations and the Commissioner's dismissal. Upon receiving crucial information implicating Imlie, Surya resolves to pursue the investigation independently, motivated by a sense of familial duty. As the case surrounding Raghu reaches an abrupt conclusion under pressure from higher authorities, Surya vows to confront Imlie, determined to uncover her involvement.

Surya monitors Imlie's actions:

The following day, Surya observes Imlie's interactions closely, gathering information about the Chaudhry family's struggles following Agastya's demise. Meanwhile, Imlie receives a call, pledging her commitment to protecting Agastya's family and fulfilling her promises. Unbeknownst to her, Surya monitors her actions covertly, intensifying his scrutiny.

Amidst Imlie's attempt to reach out to Sonali and understand the family's predicament, Binni, overhearing the conversation, intervenes aggressively, accusing Imlie of meddling in the Chaudhry family's affairs. In a tense confrontation, Binni attempts to intimidate Imlie, only to be interrupted by a mysterious woman, identified as Rashmi, leaving Binni flustered and evasive.

Imlie confronts Surya:

Observing Surya's surveillance, Imlie confronts him, mistaking him for Babu's doppelganger. Annoyed by her accusations, Surya warns Imlie against further interference, threatening legal repercussions. Unfazed, Imlie dismisses him, leaving Surya to ponder his next move.


In a gripping prelude, Sonali announces the arrival of the new owner of the Chaudhry household, only to be shocked by Surya's unexpected entrance. With determination in his eyes, Surya challenges Imlie, vowing to reclaim Agastya's legacy and confront her directly.

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