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Imlie reunites with the Rathore family in Star Plus show ‘Imlie’

Here’s what’s in the store for the viewers of Star Plus show ‘Imlie’.

Published: Tuesday,Aug 16, 2022 06:09 AM GMT-06:00
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Aryan, Imlie and Cheeni

Star Plus show ‘Imlie’ has kept the fans hooked to the TV screens. The current track of the show revolves around Imlie deciding to enter Rathore mansion and get Cheeni back. Cheeni has ended up at Rathore mansion as she knows about Aryan and Imlie’s past. She wants to reunite Imlie and Aryan.

In the upcoming episodes, the lights in Rathore mansion goes off and Imlie enters the house. She gets emotional seeing Narmada, Arpita and Sundar and feel the pang of emotions as she enters the house.

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Cheeni gets kidnapped by Malini who locks her in a room. Cheeni tries to escape from the room and that’s when Imlie arrives. She takes Cheeni and tries to escape from the house. She covers herself and Cheeni with a blanket. Malini and Neela see them exit and they call the security gaurds. They come and beat Imlie up not realizing who she is. Aryan comes there and stops the gaurds. Imlie’s gets revealed in front of the family.

Narmada and Arpita get emotional seeing her. Imlie learns about Sundar and Arpita’s baby Jaggu. Narmada asks Imlie to stay over at the Rathore mansion.

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ShakhiLove 3 months ago Please retain fahmaan and Sumbul both in s2.. this pair is magical.. there can't be Imlie without these two
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rekha02 3 months ago Who will bind the rathores? Today yet again it was proved only Aryan can stop an injustice happening
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rekha02 3 months ago I have a question to the producer what r exactly the current leads playing right now on Imlie? Wannabe parents right ? I just now saw a beautiful scene of jaggu and his Mamu. Aryan will also live in his nephew and his own daughter . I just can't believe there will be rathores without Aryan Singh Rathore. Just not possible. Utter crap just pr for some cheap hype
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Param-Sundari 3 months ago Back to her home, her Aryan 🥺
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MrinalR 3 months ago See if the pace is kept story can move forward smoothly without hindrance for more 100-150 episodes and so. Then they can come up with fresh story if they feel story is exhausted. With our dear Sumaan the next story Arylie will also be an instant hit. We can make it happen
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rekha02 3 months ago Damn good episode. Let the story revolve around the rathores and how Malini tries to create a divide but fails. Let the gochus slow burn and unite Aram se no worries. Cheeni can spread her cuteness
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missFiesty_69 3 months ago Loving the pace, the direction. Actors have always been awesome. I hope it continues like this. The story is getting the rage charm like before and as an audience, it's so entertaining to wait for episodes everyday. ❤️
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Aarthi_01 3 months ago Cheeni is such a sweetheart
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