Imlie: Agastya asks Imlie to sign the divorce papers after Shivani's marriage

In the episode of Star Plus' show Imlie tonight, Agastya will be seen asking Imlie to sign the divorce papers after Shivani's marriage leaving Imlie heartbroken.

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Rajni accuses Imlie of poisoning their minds by wrongly implicating Karan, asserting that even her delectable dishes won't alter their perceptions. Imlie pleads with Rajni to give her another chance, vowing not to repeat the mistakes of the previous day. Rajni, with a hint of reluctance, agrees, acknowledging that they cannot consume the food she prepares. Agastya instructs Jugnu to inquire about the day's menu from Annapurna once she emerges from her room. However, Govind reveals that Annapurna is upset and is unlikely to leave her room. Shivani advises Imlie to stay in her room during lunch when her in-laws arrive, a request Imlie readily agrees to.

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In an attempt to lift Annapurna's spirits, Agastya enters her room and apologizes for Imlie's actions the previous day. Annapurna expresses her disappointment, reminding Agastya of the past pain involving Kunal and Dhanraj. She holds him responsible for bringing Imlie, a bar singer, into their home, triggering painful memories. Despite Agastya's pleas for forgiveness, Annapurna wrestles with the emotional turmoil caused by his choices. Imlie, eavesdropping on their conversation, hides in the shadows. Agastya, emotionally burdened, tries to console himself, initially accepting Imlie's attempt to comfort him but ultimately pushing her away.

Sonali rejects Amrith's call, and Avinash informs her that Imlie won't attend lunch, honoring her promise to avoid Shivani and his wedding functions. Imlie, feeling remorseful, apologizes to Agastya, who dismisses her apology, labeling her as a greedy woman capable of anything for money. In a drastic turn of events, Agastya decides to adhere to their contract, throwing money at Imlie and handing her the keys to his locker. He presents her with divorce papers, predated by a month, and instructs her to sign them when the time comes. Navya's family arrives for lunch, and Jugnu informs Agastya, leading Imlie to return the locker keys and request Agastya to keep them.

During the lunch, Navya gifts Rajni a diamond necklace and Shivani a set of bangles. However, the bangles go missing, prompting accusations against Imlie. Alka insinuates that Imlie, being greedy and associated with bar performances, might have stolen the bangles. Agastya and Annapurna overhear the accusations. A search in Imlie's room proves futile, and Shivani demands the return of her bangles. Sonali defends Imlie, and the truth emerges when Jugnu finds the missing bangles in Navya's bag. Shivani apologizes to Imlie, and Sonali warns against falsely accusing her. In the aftermath, Imlie suggests to Shivani a way to make Agastya realize his mistakes.


Imlie confronts Agastya, questioning why he doesn't admit to knowing her well. Agastya, mired in confusion about their contract marriage, urges Imlie to sign the divorce papers after Shivani's wedding.

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