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'I'm not quitting', says Daljeet Bhanot !

Daljeet Bhanot gives out her official statement and placates the fans that she is continuing with her role as Anjali Jha…..


Past one month has seen a deluge of stories pertaining to Daljeet Bhanot quitting the popular Star Plus drama Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon ? She was supposedly unhappy with how her character had shaped up and how it didn't provide her with ample opportunity to showcase her talent.Anjali's absence from the last few episodes fuelled the fire that she had quit the show and had pledged her allegiance to another show.

However, today Daljeet Bhanot released her official statement and spoke to Tellybuzz confirming her participation in the show. She told us –"I'm not quitting Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon? I am very lucky to have a production house that is so accommodating and I'm fortunate to have a cast that is very supportive." She further added that –" I was considering another show but then I realised that the future track of IPKKND will involve a lot of Anjali's participation and I will not be able to afford another show."

We quizzed her on what prompted her to consider another show and she replied saying that Anjali's emotions had drifted apart –" Arnav and Anjali always had this envious brother – sister bond and somewhere down the line I felt that the emotions drifted apart. However, future episodes will again focus on the brother-sister bond."

She further stated that viewers and fans are in for an emotional ride in the future –" I'm glad all issues have been ironed out and viewers are in for a lot of tears and emotional ups and downs." She said that she was overwhelmed with the love and support showered by her fans- " Anjali's character is almost my baby and it was very difficult for me to think of letting it go. Even if I was plagued by an iota percent of doubt the fans were always there to support me and guide me – I'm so very grateful to them. Any number of awards or nominations cannot match the love and support shown by the fans. I'm a winner all thanks to my fans."

We asked her for the future track and she told us that Anjali will need all the shoulders she can get –"We all know that Anjali is a pious lady and believes in goodness of others. For her Shyam is her god and has immense faith in her relationship. She is going to need all the emotional strength and shoulders to cry on. People should give Anjali benefit of the doubt in the future track."

All the fans of the show can now heave a sigh of relief and sit back and enjoy the emotional ride they are in for !

Reporter and Author - Medha Parashar


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kkksr 8 years ago I wish you had quit. Now the nonsense you said in that interview makes sense! What more proof do we need that you negotiated this ridiculous track? Shame on your for killing a good show. You are a jealous manipulative Bitch! Go check your profile to see how much people HATE you now!2012-09-07 23:23:33
PrInCeSs_dIVa 8 years ago dats sooo great!!!!!!!!!

love yhu daljeet : )
-chamkilli- 8 years ago sigh...that is a relieve and yeah totally ipk is a unique and special team and show quitting ipk would have been stupid
aussiegal22 8 years ago Daljeet you rock and hope you beleive Khushi and not Shyam..fingers crossed.
sharna2k6 8 years ago Hope you dont leave, you are awesome and cant even imagine anyone else as Anjali but you
JuArnav 8 years ago nobody can replace u daljeet.. u r awesome as Anjali.. just the perfect sis..
crazier_ojashwi 8 years ago well...gud that u aint leaving!! no one can replace u! :)
WiseGirl 8 years ago I'm glad you're not leaving Daljeet! You are awesome and I wouldn't have been able to see anyone else in your part!
Fazila~ 8 years ago Good ur not leaving ...but...plz dont become Shyam for our Arshi...i dont know what will be our reaction then...
Simply_Smart 8 years ago So good to hear, Daljeet! You are fabulous actor and it's good to know you're staying on with IPKKND. You and Barun Sobti have great chemistry!
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