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IF I Was...With Rajeev Khandelwal

A quick rapid fire round with the handsome and talented Rajeev Khandelwal!


Life has so many IFs and so on India-Forums we bring to you our very special column “IF I Was….” On a weekly basis we will bring to you an exclusive outlandish, wacky, silly, and crazy IF I Was with one of your favorite Indian Television Celebrities.

IF only he wasn’t the one man who makes millions of hearts thump louder and louder. IF only he did not make almost every girl fall weak with his charming personality and amazing looks. IF only he wasn’t one of Indian Television’s hottest hunks. IF you haven’t guessed yet then let us tell you that our first celebrity on IF I Was is none other than Rajeev Khandelwal.

What do Rajeev and Tulsi have in common? What Bollywood actress does Rajeev’s heart thump for? Ahem lets hear it from the man himself – Rajeev Khandelwal!

If you were to sing a song right now, you would choose...
Chala Jata Hoon Main, since I am going on a road trip!

If you were to ask out a bollywood actress you would choose...

If you were to pick a role to enact in devdas you would choose...
Well, I havent seen it, but I guess I would go with the title role of Devdas himself.

If you were offered the male version of Tulsi, your reply would be...
I would rather commit suicide

If you were asked to give a message for your IF fans, you would want to say...
I might not live upto your expectations but I will try my best. I wont say that keep liking me but instead I would like to say that like me if I earn it. I will always strive hard and hope to do the best!

Now that was interesting wasn't it? Keep it tuned to IF I Was for another crazy session coming very very soon....

Reporter: Hiral Bhatt
Contact Reporter: PM anju0930


Rajeev Khandelwal

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WOfsieena 11 years ago he is hot extremely handsome man, most talent actor, and great human. rajeev khandelwal he is totaly outstanding performers.
yookshink 11 years ago he is best always. most good looking man and very talent actor rajeev.
SecretKhabri420 12 years ago Rajeev rocksssssssssssssssssssssssss.....
I like his answer about Tulsi, hehe....
fm05 13 years ago Thanks, don't know how i missed this!
Anyway, awesome answers and beautiful ending msg for his fans. He totally deserves the love and adulation he recieves.
rahmata 13 years ago nice thanks for sharing we will keep loving rajeev.mwaaahhh
vinnu-gaurav 13 years ago No Wit...no humour.....very boring interview!!!
-Preeti- 13 years ago cho chweet!
Yaar Good or Bad, I'll always love him.
Waise he's the BEST!
Thx for sharing
dinkyshah 13 years ago Oh buoy, this was preety short and sweet, wish there were more questions to help us enjoy Rajeev's excellent wit and originality. What a combination of immnese talent and infinite grace, You are the best Rajeev!!
priyankap 13 years ago thnx...the tulsi ans waas damn funny!!!!

amal 7leh
amal 7leh 13 years ago damn gud yaar.nice interview done a good job...n rajeev is superb
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