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If I was... with Yash Tonk

Life has so many IF's, isn't it friends. Last Week, we did read the IF I was Special on Rajeev Khandelwal. And we continue the trend.Read on...

On a weekly basis we will bring to you an exclusive outlandish, wacky, silly and crazy IF I Was with one of your favorite Indian Television Celebrities. This week we have another Hot Star on the Hot Seat, answering all the IF’s for our Special Column in India Forums “ IF I was…..”
So who is the star facing the Rapid Fire Questions of “IF I Was..” for this week… OK, lets not play the guessing game, we have Yash Tonk with us now. 

If I was my character for 24 hours I would….

Then I would be a Superman… With so much of energy, I would love to be a Superman…

If I was Bill Clinton for one day….

Seriously I would have eliminated Monica Williams from his life.  He is a very good person, this one incident brought him down a bit.  If this incident had not happened, he would have left the scene with more dignity.

If I was a mosquito for a day….

A very interesting IF this is…(Grins)  I would for a change try to taste honey instead of blood. I will then tell the other mosquitoes, “Leave the blood , come and taste honey, why do you waste time on blood? Honey actually tastes better than blood and it is sweet… “

If I was asked to say any filmy dialogue right now….

Khush toh Bahut Hue Hoge Aaj Tum, the famous Big B dialogue…

If I was asked to give a message to my fans on I-F….

I love you Always, never hate me….

With this, we conclude our Weekly Column on IF's, watch out for more hypothetical Rapid Fires on "IF I was..." every Sunday, only on India Forums.

Writer: Srividya Rajesh
Contact Writer: PM Sree


Yash Tonk

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T_fari 12 years ago thanks for article.. and i will follow ur deit + exercise plan...:D
fm05 13 years ago Aww adoreble Yash. Thanks for the interview and yes Mosquitos go after the honey like Bees yaar, leave our blood alone. hehe
maha786 13 years ago yash is sweet no 1 will ahte him thx for the interview
maneet.n.shanak 13 years ago what a cutie....

Thnx alot for this!
Pasha84 13 years ago thanks 4 the gr8 article
thanks 4 sharing too
keep adding & inform us about yash plss
it a\will be a favour
anku2cute 13 years ago haha superman..lol

nice one..thanks
Gracella 13 years ago thanks for the gr8 article !

Pasha84 13 years ago thansk gr8 artilce
thansk for it
yash is too good & dance & Actor
smallwonder 13 years ago It was a nice read... thnx for the article!
Mrs.SalmanKhan 13 years ago thnkkkkks.
We would nvr hate yuuu!
After all ur so cute. ;)
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