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'Idiot box is no more a poor cousin of big screen'-Addite Shirwaiker

Moving from one reincarnated track to another, Addite Shirwaiker talks of her role in Kumkum Pyara Sa Bandhan..

Published: Tuesday,Apr 01, 2008 11:36 AM GMT-06:00
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Addite Shirwaikar, last seen as a negative character in Dulhann is a very goody girl and her new role in Kumkum fits her personality to the ‘T’. “This is one show where I don’t have to act, as Mini is just like me”, says Addite who has been part of many other shows as well.

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The actress who now enters revamped Kumkum in a parallel lead role says, "I play Juhi's younger sister Mini in the re-incarnation track of the serial. My character is very bubbly, vivacious and sweet. It would remind you of Renuka Shahane in Hum Aapke Hai Kaun, a girl who everybody would want as their bahu".

She did not speak much about the trials and tribulations Mini will soon face, except that her love affair will give rise to a twist.

Addite blames the recent 20 year generation leap for quitting Dulhann. "I could not see myself playing an older woman", quips the actress. She then clarifies saying, "Don't get me wrong, Chandra did not need to grey her hair, but there was no growth to the character, as she would have done the same thing that she did before the leap".

This Mumbai born girl who has also worked in many shows besides Saarthi and Milli(Khushi) as well, is waiting for a realistic TV role. "I know family sagas require drama, but some times the creatives tend to go overboard. Like my character in Dulhann would wear heavy sarees even at night. But with channels like NDTV Imagine coming up, things are beginning to look up", confides Addite. Talking about her dream role, the actress states, "I want to do characters which reflect today's woman, who are not bad, but are very practical and assertive."

According to her, the best role she has done till date has been her debut show 'Shararat'. "Although I am totally not like that nerdy boy crazy Neeta, yet that character is closest to my heart", says Addite. On the reality genre, she would like to take part in a show which teaches acting. "I have not got any formal training in the medium, you see!", states the gorgeous actress.

Additie seems to be among the few TV stars who have no big screen ambitions. "I am content doing TV, the idiot box is no more a poor cousin of the big screen", she ended.

Author: Anil Merani

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preeti2008 15 years ago I think Rani and saif need to date not kareena and saif!
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sensitive lark
sensitive lark 15 years ago of course rani will become good friends with kareen.i read somewhere that kareena said that she believes only rani is a good actress or sumthing like that simply ignoring the other leading actress of i understand why she said this...
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sunilsahu 15 years ago well that is not a bad jodi to begin with. hope both find their last resorts.
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sesiaswe 15 years ago i didn't even knew kareena and shahid broke up.... i had some idea that their was some conflict but they officially broke up...... that was a shock..... anyways rani for sure is a nice listener and hopefully there would be atleast one good bollywood actress friendship relation......... (hopefully)
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mz.jess 14 years ago shes preetty & her actig is real good. Loving her in KuKum.
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priyankumupal 14 years ago well said, she seems like a well balanced actor.
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sonu.I.monu.S 14 years ago I this she has brought up a very good point as saas bahu sagas do tend to go overboard (especially Ekta Kapoor shows).
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