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Sreejita DeThe bengali beauty Srijeeta a.k.a Mukta of the daily soap Uttaran was very honest with her answers and so takes the quick grill...

Are you a music lover? If yes then what kind of music do you like to listen?

Yes I am totally a music lover. Well about the kind of music I listen too, depends on my mood. But I don't like item numbers and all.

Would like to settle in abroad? If yes then where?

Yes I would love to settle somewhere in UK.

One childhood habit that you still persist with?

Rolling my hairs around my ears.

How often do you visit a holy place?

Honestly I am not much religious person, so I visit the holy place occasionally.

Dream destination to travel?

Las Vegas.

If you were a present for a day, what would you do first?

Educate the uneducated children's.

If you were invisible for a day?

I would definitely go on a date with Ranbir Kapoor.

Your favorite dance form?


Your favorite dish?

Fish curry and rice.

If you win a crore rupees now then how will you spend it: Donation or shopping?

Well 1/4th I will spend it on shopping and rest money I will donate it.

The movie that made you cry?


The journey of life?

Has been difficult but a life without difficulties is not a journey.

The word 'Friends' mean?

Unconditional love.

A quote for your fans?

'Love you all'.

Reporter and Author:Krishma Solanki.

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Comments (14)

Sreejita you rock as Mukta in Uttaran. Lots of love...

11 years ago

Donate 75pc?liar.

deshdrohi.settle uk me honi he toh abi hindi serials 6odde.

11 years ago

awww that was honest,,,,love u girl...ur a sweetheart..<3<3<3

11 years ago

YOur are Awesome Sreejita,
I love ur acting in Uttaran...

11 years ago

U acted so well 2day.

And mods plz add this article to the fanpage where already 6o memb r there.
And it 's link is present on uttaran forum.

11 years ago

love her answers,
she is so bubbly n cute, wanna see her in another show in future

11 years ago

Love u as Mukta!!
Doing a great job!!

11 years ago

Nice to know you will donate 1/4th..or it would have sound phony. Anyway absolutely in love with you...

11 years ago

I like her... hope to see her in some good show in future, coz i'm sorry but just cant risk watching Uttaran :S

11 years ago

she seems so similar too from some old actress in the 90's

11 years ago

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