'I would love to be a stand-up comedian' - Ashita Dhawan

Ashita Dhawan, Malti Bhabhi of Bidaai talks about her passions and stress busters...

How do you spend your Sunday?
I sleep till late afternoon, and then go to the parlor or Spa for hair massage. I love to work on my nails too. I usually shop in the evenings and after that, spend time with my boyfriend and go out for dinner. If not, I like to spend time with my nephew, he is very sweet.

What are the things you like to do when you are free?
Shopping and hair massage. I also love to catch up with my friends, which I usually cannot do, when I am caught up with work.

What are you passionate about?
Dancing and Singing

Your Hobbies?

I like reading books and also love to learn different forms of dance.

If you want to take up your passion as profession, which would you choose?
If not acting I will prefer to be a stand-up comedian. I love to mimic others, and also entertain everyone on the sets. I would really go for it as my profession.. 

After a stressful day, how do you ease out?

After a stressful day I have a hot water bath, follow it up with nice delicious food and go to bed. The bad thing is that I need to get up the next day and leave on time for shoot (grins)

Do you think yoga and meditation can keep you calm and healthy?
Definitely! Though I have personally not tried, I believe that yoga and meditation helps a person in being fit.

What are your stress busters?
I love to dance a lot. Even if I have had a tiring day in shoot, if someone asks me to dance the whole night, I will not mind that. 

What are your priorities in life?

Good work makes people happy, so I strive for that. Also I cannot see my parents sad for anything because of me.

Reporter and Author: Ranjini Nair

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Her dancing is good, but being funny i think is harder (except for me)...hha jk!...

15 years ago

awesome pic...ashita is a very smart female...love her dancing

15 years ago

Oh that is such a lovely pic of her! She looks very sweet in it!

Thanks for the article! Ashita sounds like a total mast person! lol...She is fantastic as Malti!

15 years ago

she is so cute
wow love her pic
she looks so different in dis pic

15 years ago

Thanks:)Ashita is so swweeeet! Love her in Bidaai...

15 years ago

looking stunning in pic ....thx for the interview ....

15 years ago

main jhoot toh nahin bolti, but i love ashita...
great person, lovely actress...
i wish all the best in future acting assignments...

15 years ago

wow thats good she is one of my favs and she is a good actor, dancer and am sure she wud be a good stand up comedian too if he plans to take up a reality show!! Thanx for the interview nyc reading it!!

15 years ago

very cute pic...... she''s luking very different

15 years ago

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