'I would love another reality show' Mohit Malhotra

This week Telly Buzz does a rapid fire round of Mohit Malhotra aka Birju of Mitwa Phool Kamal Ke …

Place you would like to settle down in:  Hawaii

Ambition to you is: To become a Superstar

One television character that you always admire: Joey from Friends

Your Favorite Season: Delhi's Winter

Best way to pass time: By reading books

The car that you currently have a crush on: Toyota Fortuner

A song that can best describe you: Purani Jeans

Fame or money: Fame

Most beautiful village in India:
No idea.

Are you superstitious: Sometimes

One fetish of yours:
Strawberry and whipped cream

One phobia of yours: Deep Waters

Are you an expert at talking yourself out of difficult situations: Not an expert, but sometimes I manage to do that.

What do you do at the end of a bad day:
Take a nice shower with good background music.

The one Indian who you think is apt to represent our country worldwide
: Shahrukh Khan

Would you take part in any other reality show: Yes I would love to.

Which one: Any dance based ones.

Reporter and Author: Susan Jose

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after that u dont know what i had written like this i dont know that how this serial becan\me popular i mean its......never say its totaly boring this birju and bela

14 years ago

aww hes soo sweet and hes cute! lv him in mitwa!

14 years ago

his many ans 4 similar 2 mine. Joey 4m frndz. mine 2. SRK 4 sure

14 years ago

mohittttttt you are to cute yaar wow you are ausome n i am so so happy tht you would like to be a part of reality show n in my fav field dance wow great!!!!!!!!!!!!

14 years ago

he did not win splitsvilla may be to accomplish his wish......for another show how can he leave joanna....i think he like to go splitsvilla kind of shows.....audditions has been started ........:p......sorry to his fan.....but i sereously don't like him

14 years ago

yeah he should do a reality show ... Dont like him in a bhaiya look..

14 years ago

wht abt JOHN>>>>>>>:(

15 years ago

so sweet:)looks like they had it Great fun!

15 years ago

oo.....dis woman is deffo d hottest..!!
newyzz watin for d film............!!!

15 years ago

thanks for the great interview... can't wait to watch the film!!!

15 years ago

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