'I would like to change the dressing style of bahus' - Rakshanda Khan

Get to know Rakshanda Khan's style statement here...

What does fashion mean to you?

Fashion is all about Comfort.

Do you like to have a certain style of your own, or do you simply follow the trend?

I am a complete no-no to following a particular trend. One has to know your body-type, what works on you and what does not. You just cannot be a follower. I don’t think its going to take you anywhere. See at the end of the day, fashion does not matter at all, as I am very happy wearing my jeans and t-shirts.

Are you fond of accessories?

It depends. Sometimes I love wearing jewellery. Sometimes I wear no jewellery except a watch. I like buying belts .I have nearly 60 handbags and sometimes I even go with carrying a handbag. I accessorize my outfits according to my mood.

Which is your comfort wear and is there any particular brand that you prefer?

I am not fanatical about any brand. If I have to buy casuals, then I will always go to Zaara, River Ice and for formal wear, I much rather get them made may be from an Indian designer like Sheetal Design Studio. If I am picking them abroad, then I will pick them up from a Gucci or Prada.

What would we see you wearing at home?

My pajama and T-shirt.

Who is your favorite designer considering both Indian and International?

I really like the Indian clothes that Abu Jaani and Sandeep Shukla make. I think they make timeless clothes.

What's your favorite Screen outfit?

Unfortunately Indian television restricts their females to saris, but I would like to change the trend. That’s why when I got Jassi, I was wearing pants as I represented a modern working woman there. Even in Kaajal, I was wearing a sherwani. I don’t feel that a bahu should be dressed only in a sari.

What is the most expensive outfit you ever bought?

Nowadays, the clothes cost an arm. My own personal outfits, I better don’t talk about it as they cost me a lot. The most expensive outfit that I wore on screen was my bridal ghagra for Jassi which was costing approximately 6 lakhs.

If given a chance, whom would you like to give a make-over in the television industry?

I feel half the television industry needs a designer.

A must-have in the hand bag for you will be..

The only thing for make-up that you will find in my handbag is the lip balm.

Who do you think is the well dressed person in television?

Always correctly dressed is Gauri Pradhan.

And in Bolywood…

Karishma Kapoor is the well dressed person that I have come across as she has gone for a complete transformation. I think earlier in her career, she had gone into a wrong dressing style, but quickly realized it and the complete transformation makes her just perfect!

Which is your most preferred shopping destination?


What is the natural tip you follow

Drink lot of water and sleep on time, it gives you a great skin.

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Gauri Pradhan Tejwani

Comments (12)

m dying to watch both Halla bol and Sunday :)

16 years ago

I think they should change and make it more believable. Thanks.

15 years ago

I think she is a very frank and well spoken person=)

15 years ago

Kya Baat hai rakshanda Khan..Ekta ko pehle pataalo

15 years ago

Nice lekin..
madam ka nature kuch jhalak raha hai..

15 years ago

Rakshu is coolest TV personality !!!......she keeps her head firmly on shoulder...BTW bahus shud now start wearing salwar suits and sometimes western also.....

15 years ago

lolz, so agree wit Rakshanda on the indian bahus wearing something else besides saris...lov da interview

15 years ago

Oh I love her style.....and i quite agree...she is wasted in those sarees...love her in those stylish suits!!

15 years ago

i agree wid Rakshanda, Gauri Pradhan is always well dressed.

15 years ago

love u rakshanda..i dun think she has a boyfrioend but her choice of well dressed ppl r perfect!she's really pretty n gorgeous!

15 years ago

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