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'I wish to give a complete makeover to Smriti Irani' - Sweta Keswani

The bold and beautiful Sweta Keswani shares her style secrets right here at Telly Buzz hot seat...

Published: Sunday,Jun 01, 2008 12:21 PM GMT-06:00
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What does fashion mean to you?
Fashion to me is style and comfort.

What is your comfort wear?
A cool pair of Pajamas and a Ganji.

Do you like to have a tattoo made or a piercing done?
Well to be frank, when I was in college I wanted to get a tattoo made, but my mom never allowed me to do so and later I grew up and now have no urge to do so.

If you are given 15 minutes to get ready for a party without prior notice, then what would you wear?
I think I would wear some thing which I have recently bought. I feel wearing a new dress always makes a woman feel very nice. If it is a formal party, then I would end up wearing a plain as in one color dress with good jewellery to go with my attire.

Do you remember any incident in the past where you were dressed up for a special occasion and now when you think of it, you find it odd?
Yes, I think for the launch of Nach Baliye 3, when we had a red carpet party I remember very well that everyone was expected to wear a formal gown. I got mine designed especially from a designer for the red carpet. At last it was only me and Vikas Sethi’s wife Amita who ended up wearing a gown and no one else wore it!!(laughs)

The most well-dressed television personality according to you?
Well, I am!! (laughs) Apart from me, I think it’s Mandira Bedi and Shweta Salve’s dressing sense that I really admire.

Any Celebrity whom you would like to give a complete makeover on Television?
I think Tulsi aka Smriti Irani. I wish she gets a makeover as I have always seen her in saris and want to see her in a knee length dress with her hair curled. Even now she sizzles, but I think she will look fantastic with a change in style.

What is your favorite screen outfit?
I think it all depends on the role and the demands of the script. My like or dislike does not matter when it comes to my screen outfit. I actually wore the tiniest skirt possible in Mohalla Mohobbat Wala and after that, I have never got a chance to wear such a dress again!!!

What would you like to change in television fashion-wise?
I think it’s the content that seriously needs a change. If that happens, then automatically the roles scripted will also get a change. Left to me, I would give all a modern look.

Who is your favorite designer considering the Indian and International ones?
JJ and Tarun Tehalani are my favorites.

Author and Reporter: Binita Ramchandani

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wonkyfaint 14 years ago hehe i like her she's funny=)....i agree smriti needs a makeover..she would look so much better with knee-length dress and curls=)
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-Kash- 14 years ago I love this girl...she rocks as Gudia in BBB! :D
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DivyaD 14 years ago Knee length dress for Tulsi and curls... ROFL!
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kk_7717 14 years ago knee length dress for Tulsi???

too late lol
Reply thumbs-up thumbs-down
DarkRose 14 years ago yah i wanna see her change too
i thnk shed look great
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SayCheese 14 years ago Thankz.

I also wana see smriti get a makeover
Reply thumbs-up thumbs-down
hindu4lyf 14 years ago Haha trust sweta to go with another sindhi designer to be her favourite LOL!
shes gorgeous! and yh shweta salve has an AMAZING dress sense!
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~RexKiRani~ 14 years ago i agree smriti wud luk good with ehr makeover
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Kai. 14 years ago i wud love to see a make over for smriti
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JasminBhasinFan 14 years ago She's right!!!! Smriti would look gorgeous in that type of make over.
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