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'I wish there were 7 Sundays' Mishal Raheja

Dutta Bhau aka Mishal Raheja of Colors’, Laagi Tujse Lagan shares some thoughtful and precise Sunday agenda with tellybuzz..

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At what time do you rise and shine on a Sunday?
I wake up around 11 or max 12 in the afternoon.

First thing you do on a Sunday morning?
Have a good breakfast.

What's your regular Sunday routine?
Have lunch with parents, take them out for a movie, and it's like family legacy for us that on holidays we play cards without money. So it's a complete family day for me.

What includes in your Sunday Brunch?
I'm a foodie so anything delicious is fine with me.

Do you plan your own Sundays or just follow what you have been told to?
I don't plan my holidays.

Do you wish there were two Sundays in a week?
I wish there were 7 Sundays it's like 'if wishes were horses then beggars would ride.'

What's your dream way of spending a Sunday?

Waking up in a nice resort that brightens the surrounding with little amount of sunlight but with family and selected close friends.

If not Sunday what would you rename that day of the week?
I would rename it by name as 'Mish Day'.

What's more exciting for you Sunday or Saturday night's?
Obviously a night prior is more exciting.

Any special agenda this Sunday
I'm going to Hongkong for a meeting so I'm thinking of extending the trip and enjoying a day off there.

Do you prefer a late night Sunday partying or you crash down early?
Of course if I'm working the next day then I go off to sleep early.

What's your take on going for dinner on Sundays after waiting in long queue?
We would make a prior reservation and then go if we are keen about having something special that day.

Memorable Sunday you had?
I have had many such memorable Sundays but the most recent would be before starting my shoot for Laagi Tujse Lagan we all friends had gone for a trip to Lonavala and had spent an amazing time there.

The craziest thing you would want to do on a Sunday?
Watch three movies in a row.

If Sunday didn't exist what would you do?
I think it would have mattered much and I would continue working.

Reporter & Author: Pooja Shenoy

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LadyMacbeth 9 years ago Awwwwww, loved reading all his very interesting answers, the cutie pie our Mishal is.
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Pyari_Zahra 10 years ago Keep up the great work Mishal- you're doing a fantastic job as Dutta!! How I wish every day was a Sunday too *sigh*
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Yuvika_15 10 years ago love u mishal, keep rocking as dutta..
hpe 2 c ur reaction to naku's FR soon
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Wanderbug 10 years ago oh mishiy baby..we wish there were seven sundays too...keep rocking as dutta..hottie
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dazzlingflora 10 years ago Yup 'sunday is funday' oops! Sorry 'sunday is mishday' ;)
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sanjana.... 10 years ago i desperately want a video interview of mishal
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desisisters 10 years ago LTL rocks!!! Mishal you are great as Dutta. Keep up the good work
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stranger2rose 10 years ago finally ur back..waiting for tonights episode
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desisisters 10 years ago Happy to see you today....missed you yesterday!!!!
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stranger2rose 10 years ago didnt get to see u last night so missed u a lot
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