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I wish I had someone special in my life : Sidharth Malhotra

In an interview with Sidharth Malhotra speaks about his varied choice of roles, his journey from being and Assistant Director to an actor, his relationship status and a lot more.

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Even though he is only two films old, Sidharth Malhotra is one of the hot favourite among some of the top directors in the industry. In an interview with Sidharth speaks about his varied choice of roles, his journey from being and Assistant Director to an actor, his relationship status and a lot more.

People seem to be very excited about your bad boy avatar in Ek Villain, how excited are you?

Ofcourse I am excited, but I think that only half the battle is won. But yeah, the fact that people are liking the promo and accepting it, that is very encouraging. It is a big risk to do something that is not expected of you. So when I picked the film, I was confident that I wanted to do something different and out of the box. I am happy that such kind of content came with an experience director like Mohit. So I am doing different kind of roles so that my audience don't get bored of me. (Laughs)

How did Ek Villain happen?

Basically we all met. This was Balaji and Mohit. So when we met the first thing he said that I am making a story of a bad person and it's his love story.  So we started speaking about it. Eventually we have developed a great friendship. So we spent some time with each other and then I heard the film. And after hearing it I was most excited, and what makes it so exciting is the contrasting personality of the cast to the personality of the story.

Don't you think it is too soon for you to take a leap in genres, since you are only two films old?

There is no such thing as too soon or too late. I think good content and a good director is the right time. Of course there was an anxiousness and nervousness regarding will I be able to pull it off, so that was the only concern but I never thought that it was too early or anything of that sought. I exciting if I do it now, it makes me less predictable (winks).

Since you have worked as an AD, did you have any creative discussions with Mohit on the sets?

Yes Mohit is very open to suggestions, which is great quality he has. I would give some inputs, and he was very encouraging about it at times. Sometimes he would leave you on a scene, giving you a situation, and tell you to see what comes out of it spontaneously. Sometimes he gives you a lot of freedom which is good for an actor.

How physically demanding was this film?

Because this movie had a lot of action, it was very challenging. Like action sequence we did in Goa, was to be done in a single shot. It was a one and a half minute take where I start the fight from one end of the ship and I have to reach the other end of the ship, and I encounter the fighters one by one. So it was very tiring, it took a toll on your stamina, also Mohit is very particular about expression, and he believes every action is motivated emotionally. It was tough, to learn to use props, to cheat in an action sequence, I did make mistakes, but eventually managed. Hopefully people will see the effort and enjoy the visual feel of it. I had to put on some weight, have even developed a six pack, you will see in the film.

How was it working with Riteish Deshmukh?

He was great on sets. He has a sense of relaxation because of the kind of films he has done before. We would rehearse at time and he would be very understanding when it came to action and I would get excited and put in some extra energy in a punch or a kick (laughs) and he was very helpful.

Do you have any special someone in your life?

I wish I had someone special in my life. I am not in a relationship as of now, so the relationship status is very much single (laughs).

That would make his female fans very happy. We wish Sidharth Malhotra all the best for Ek Villain, people surely are in love with a villain this time.


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