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'I wish happiness for everyone' - Husein

Part 2 of Husein's chat transcript.. Read on, messages from his fans & friends (co-stars)!

Published: Saturday,Oct 20, 2007 15:14 PM GMT-06:00
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Hey friends.. We're back with Part 2 of Husein's chat with Minnie. But before that, we have something very special for Husein! As part of his Birthday celebrations here is a Video Presentation.. A BIG THANKS to our Moderators - Ankita (ammmu) & Gurpreet (gk_09), for such a beautiful creation!

Here's presenting to you, Part 2 of Husein's IF chat.. Birthday messages for Husein, from his fans & co-stars.. Some beautiful thoughts from Husein, and ofcourse..a tadka of masti & fun! Read on..

I wish happiness for everyone - Husein
Minnie: Actually you know talking about Nach and your anchoring, may I say something? Okay.. the thing is that when the couples were announced this time, with no disrespect to anyone, I mean all of them are very good dancers and everything. But somehow I think the last time, you know there were lot of couples who were, I mean, they had the audience support with them aleardy..Ofcourse this time also the couples have it, but I dunno I cant explain it but it was something like, you know, we were not getting too enthusiatic..

Husein: Well..everybody is having the same feeling, not only you. Maximum of them I have spoken to have given me the same response that they are not able to connect to the couples..

Minnie: Okay..Thank god(hehe)

Husein: Well even I am not able to find out the reason, because all are good performers; they are all good dancers; they are really doing well. But down the line, maybe can't connect to the audience. Maybe they have not been working for a long period of time. Though they are known but they have not been regular on TV, so people don't really know them well. Coz in TV its like 'out of sight, out of the mind', I guess. In due course of time, you know, in a months time people will just start liking the performance and I am sure they will connect to them. I hope for the best because Nach baliye, the whole concept is really nice; the programme is really nice.Its been one of the biggest hits for quite a few people so I don't wanna see it going down like that.. I hope & pray that people do start liking everything about the show.

Minnie: Okay, now coming back to what I was saying was..this was to start with..when the couples were announced, the enthusiasm was not as much..but the moment it was announced that Husein & Tina would be hosting the show, you won't believe the buzz & excitement for watching Nach Baliye probably went up by 80%!

Husein: I dunno.. I don't wanna believe that.. I don't think I can believe that..

Minnie: Trust me..I'm not talking about myself but its been a general feeling, that as soon as you & Tina came in, the thing changed.. I mean, somehow the level of Nach Baliye & the expectations went up. Somehow it came up..maybe the standard probably will be the same as much as you guys raised it last time.. So..that is the kind of draw you have Husein..believe it or not!

Husein: I dunno what stuff to believe.. I mean, it makes you feel really happy to know that you have such an audience.. loyal audiences who would watch me in every show that I do.. Just a nice feeling.. I hope it continues..dunno how long..just hope it continues..

Minnie: Ofcourse it will continue.. 'Mystery' username..she says...

Hi Husein!!! A very, very, very happy birthday to you!!! I must say that you are a wonderful, wonderful actor but even more awesome dancer! I loved the way you hosted Indian Idol with Mini. You were stunning! And your dance was mind blowing too!! I hope your birthday brings loads and loads of fun and happiness and success for you! And I hope you get all the happiness and smiles that you always give us.

Once again, a very happy birthday to you!

Husein: Mystery as you said right..whats the username you said? As in M-Y-S-T-E-R-Y? Ok..so thats a very unique username, I must say.. Mystery, so whats the mystery about Mystery, I would want to know that.. First of all, thank you so much Mystery, and please solve this mystery for us, as to why your username is Mystery and what is your real name. But thank you so much for all your wishes and all the compliments you have given me and thank you for appreciating my work..I just hope that in future whatever I do, I do it well..

Minnie: So, I am sure Mystery will be more than happy to tell you the mystery behind his/her name.. Okay so moving on.. If granted 3 wishes what would they be?

Husein: If granted 3 wishes what would they be? Hmmm.. For me, it is Happiness Happiness and Happiness, in an overall term. Otherwise put it that way, that I get everything. I get well being of my family; I just work hard all the time, and do good work and well being of my fans, family, everybody. And at the same time, I would definately want everbody to be happy around.. I dunno when it will get fulfilled, but if you can remove all the trauma a person goes through..things happening around the world.. And yeah, 3 wishes if I want to note it down, I would want all the corruption, the fight that has been happening between humans beings for some matter..everytime we hear about a blast, everytime we hear about something crashing here and there, and so many innocent people losing their lives.. That is on my priority and I think that should end.. May this world be a better place to live in.. I mean, everything is so beautiful about it, and there are certain things that make it so dangerous, that you really dunno that leaving your house, you are really gonna be back or not.. I think that fear amongst people should go and that can only come with happiness.. So I think, overall, I know I am deviating from my answer but yes, happiness happiness happiness.. That comes with all of this.. You know, basically the world should be a better place to live in..

Minnie: Great.. That was actually very beautifully said.. Okay, now we have a message from Gaurav, your co-star in Kumkum..and he says

Happy birthday Husein.. Well you're 30 now..so I think I knw what I will gift you..

What do you think Gaurav is going to gift you?

Husein: What do I think Gaurav is going to gift me? Hmmm.. Well, seriously..I'd think he would say "You really think I'm gonna gift you something?" Thats the way he is..

Minnie: You know what..he says you're 30..so he'll gift you 30 plus!! Thats what he says..he'll gift you 30+!!

Husein: (laughs)

Minnie: He is still his naughty self, huh?
I wish happiness for everyone - Husein

Husein: He is, absolutely, very naughty. You generally require 30 plus after 30, as you say but I will gift it back to him. Maybe he is pretty young; he is 24 or 25 years.. I will give it back to him and see to it that he has it...

Minnie: We also have a message from our gorgeous Vivan Bhatena.. he says..

Love you Bro! Learnt a lot from you.. Miss working with you.. Hope you are always happy and successful.. Wish you all the best.. Happy birthday - Vivan

Husein: Well this is not very naughty and a very sweet message, so I should not say anything.. But thank you so much.. We all tease him as he is the most knowledgable guy amongst all of us and he knows everything.. Ask him anything under the sun and he always knows that.. He is very very intelligent and very very nice.. Generally, he doesn't give such sweet messages but this time he has, so Thank You so much Vivan.. And yes, I do miss working with you and Gaurav.. I do miss all the fun.. I do miss on all the masti.. Now, eating chicken is no longer fun without you guys.. Otherwise, we usually had a lot of fun while we used to eat chicken because everyone used to pounce on it.. We would not order for more but we would generally order for less because the fun was uske andar se jo cheena jhhapti hoti thi; that was fun..

Minnie: Ohh thats wonderful.. Thanks for sharing that with us Husein.. That was really very sweet.. Juhi has a message for you..Short but sweet

Hi Husein.. Wish you a very Happy Birthday. Wish you loads of happiness and success today and always.

Husein: Thank you so much Juhi, once again.. I think our success story, we started together with Kumkum.. Its been 5 and a half years and a lovely relationship that we have had working.. Wish you all the success, all the fame.. Wish you all the good things that should happen to you in life and god bless you too !

Minnie: Alright.. We also have a message from Sonia and she says..

Hi Husein.. I wish you a very happy birthday.. May you become 3 soon. I mean, may you be blessed with a cute baby son... I wish you great success in your career. God bless you.. You're a nice person

Husein: Thank you so much Sonia..I dunno how soon your wish is gonna come true, I cannot see that happening so soon.. It was very sweet of you and we are waiting for you to come back on the show and so I shall see you soon.. This is good news that you are gonna be back on the show.. We will be waiting..

Minnie: Alright now, before I go let me read a message from one of your very very happening fan.. Her name is Roshni, username is frenzgrl129..

Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday dearest, cutest, Husein
Happy Birthday to you

Husein, may your birthday be filled with happiness!!!
I hope you get everything your lovely heart asks for!!!
(did you know you are one of the cutest guys on tv)
Or at least i think you are
Anyway, once again, many many happy returns of the day!!

FRENZGRL129 (you could know me as Roshni)

Husein: Thank you so much Roshni once again, for all your wishes and well may you have loads of friends, loads of happiness in life.. Thank you for all the compliments that you have given me and thank you so much for your love and affection.. Thank you so much.

Minnie: Okay Husein.. It was so lovely talking to you and please before you go, please give a message for all your fans at India-forums..

Husein: Ya.. Hii guys..Hiii..A big big hello to everybody on India-forums.. I am Husein here.. First of all, I would like to thank all the lovely fans for all your lovely wishes, blessings.. I would like to wish the same for you.. May you guys get all the success in life, all the happiness in life and may all your dreams come true.. May whatever you wish in life, you get, you achieve. But yes, you have to work hard for it, and I am sure you all will.. Thank you once again for your love and affection, and loving and appreciationg all my work that I have done till now.. I always feel that this would be the end, and it would be difficult for me now, you know, I have been seen so much on TV now and people would say now 'ohh we are kind of bored with you and we don't wanna see more of you'.. and everytime its always the opposite response that I get.. Once again, I appreciate all of that. And well, India forums rocks and all the people who made India forums what it is today rock. I think its one of the best sites that is there currently where you get to know everything about TV, and eveything about people who are working on television and its one way to get connected.. I do not know any of you, rather I would say I hardly know anyone of you, but I still feel so connected and its only because of India-forums.. Thank you so much once again..

Minnie: Oh great Husein.. Thank you so much for the lovely message and all that you had to say about India-forums.. A very Happy birthday to you and you keep rocking Nach baliye and more.. Whatever you do, have success.. have everything in life.. have everything you wish for.. become 3 from 2 and everything else you desire for.. and all the best for everything you do..

Husein: Thank you so much Minnie..

Minnie: Okay then thank you and buhbyee...Enjoy

Well folks.. this was Husein for you! As himself.. uncut.. unedited.. and undoubtedly..for his fans - the Best! Hope you enjoyed reading it.. Until next time..

Stay tuned to Telly Buzz for more on your favourite stars!

Author: Ekta, Ankita (ankuhujulover)
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poorvi @sweetpoorvi 15 years ago awww...hussain is such a cutie....i love him....

thnks for dis interview...
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SAHIL kohli @SAHIL KOHLI 112 16 years ago Hello Hiten bhaiya and Gauri didi I am SAHIL KOHLI of class 9th from Delhi rohini. I am the biggest fan of your Jodi and may God bless you and Gauri didi. You both are my brother and sister and i love you soooo.... much. Please come Delhi Rohini some day and when i will see you both in Delhi I will call you Both in my home and then we will enjoy.
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surakshita @surakshita 16 years ago
as Hussain as rightly said in the message reply to Juhi
I think our success story, we started together with Kumkum.. Its been 5 and a half years and a lovely relationship that we have had working.

it disappointed me that there was not a single question devoted for kumkum serial even in a general way afterall it was their hardworking success story. Hope we get one more surprise from you all a Kumkum special with Juhi and Hussain on board together.

nevertheless nothing taking away from you all who put it together and Hussain's reply, and his dear and near ones messages and fans messages. all that as also bought a smile on my face too.
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Fatima @desigirl_18 16 years ago thanx for the article. Great interview, really enjoyed reading!!
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xox.iloveyou @xox.iloveyou 16 years ago thankooo soo muchhh!! ur soo lucky minniee..

anywyss.. once again happy 'belated' birthdayyy may all ur wishes come true. :)
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hardik @hardic 16 years ago fabulous interview
thanks once again
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charmed ones
Sara @charmed ones 16 years ago Ohh..... That was Great Great Great Interview.....I couldn't stop myself....I was reading...reading very single line....Thank u so much Minnie...
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pomegranate @pomegranate 16 years ago THAT WAS LONG THANKS
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hussein is so adorable
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