"I wasn't getting any exciting project after Barrister Babu" - Pallavi Mukherjee on being away & returning now

In an exclusive conversation, Mukherjee got candid as she talked about this little break from the small screen, her character in the Sony Entertainment Television show, Punyashlok Ahilya Bai her connection with Lord Krishna and other things.

Pallavi Mukherjee

Actor Pallavi Mukherjee may have been a web face for the longest time but she made a huge impact with her long-running role in Colors' Barrister Babu. During the show's runtime, her character went through several shades thus making it even more interesting.

However, since Barrister Babu went off-air, Mukherjee hasn't been entirely visible on the small screen or in the web space as well except for a couple of cameos here and there. But now, the actor is all set to make a return as she enters Sony TV's Punyashlok Ahilya Bai.

In an exclusive conversation, Mukherjee got candid as she talked about this little break from the small screen, her character in the Sony Entertainment Television show, her connection with Lord Krishna and other things.

Opening up on being away for a while and now returning, she said, "I was looking for a good opportunity ever since Barrister Babu happened. It was quite a wait here I continued to do auditions but it wasn't that I was idle where I shot for a web series and a Bengali feature film as well. When it comes to TV, I wasn't quite getting what I wanted to do. Nothing was exciting enough and that happens usually. Whenever I complete a good show, the process goes back to scratch. It is a constant because that is what I love doing - facing the camera."

She added, "I believe one thing that - your time will indeed come. People keep saying how it wasn't in your luck but I believe one writes their own fate. I do my routine everyday waking up with hope. There are instances when you do a lot of hardwork and don't get your due but even then you have to be at it. You have to keep working hard and pray for the best without stopping."

She also said, "I feel after you are done with a show, it is always like starting from zero. You have to keep giving auditions and mock shoots come in after that. I did so many mock shoots but there were instances it wasn't working out. But I was hoping it works out and now that Ahilyabai has happened, I just hope people will love it."

Pallavi Mukherjee

Talking about her character, she said, "My character name is Kesar and she is a krishna bhakt. She sings, dances and is a devout Krishna lover like Mira. This girl is lively and full of energy no matter whatever the situation is. She is positive and upbeat about everything because she loves Lord Krishna unconditionally. I can relate to this myself because in the last two months, I went to Kedarnath and Badrinath. Earlier, I was a Krishna believer myself but wasn't the same person after I returned from Badrinath. The atmosphere, aura and feeling that I got there was unreal. Staying and meditating in the mountains and praying to the lord was a feeling I cannot describe. I just wanted to go Iskon in Mumbai and Vrindavan even after returning from Badrinath. In these two months, there hasn't been a day I haven't heard Krishna songs. I feel extremely happy and blessed to play this role even more now."

She added, "When it comes to Ahilyabai Holkar on Sony TV, I had auditioned for that as well but over two years ago, At that time, they needed people in a bigger age group hence it did not work out. I would like to give a special mention to Kuldeep, the casting director from Dashami Creations and he would always approach me for auditions and give feedback when it did not work out as well. Finally, I am getting a chance to work with him and I thank him for the same. "

We wish the actor all the best for this new chapter/

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