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'I want to portray a bitchy character' - Additi Gupta

The actress who debuted on television with KDMHMD reveals her dream role as she chats with us...

A Diplomat or a Frank Speaker: It depends upon the situation. If at times, I feel that the situation needs to be handled diplomatically, I do so.
If given a chance to be in a character you love for 24hrs, which would it be: I love to be bitchy and would love to bitch about everything. I don't think people would mind that.
Brand in Clothes you prefer: Levis is the brand I opt for.
Your Favorite Brand in make-up: MAC products are really nice and I prefer that.
Your Favorite Cuisine: There is nothing special as such, but I love to eat Ghar Ka Khana and I am missing that a lot.
One good quality about your role (Heer): My character is very down to earth and whenever she wants to take revenge, she goes in a slow and steady manner rather than a bitchy way.
If you were not an actor then which career option you would have opted for: I would have become a Fashion Designer. I was also pursuing my degree for the same from Pune.
One television personality you would want to give a makeover: I would love to give a makeover to Tulsi as she was seen carrying in the same looks on TV for long time.
One bad habit of yours  you would want to change: I expect a lot and sometimes it gets difficult in life to cope with it, so I would really like to change this habit of mine.
Your Favorite Shopping Destination in Mumbai: Oberoi Mall, Lokhandawala Market, Bandra are some of the best shopping places in Mumbai.
Your Dream Role: I want to portray a bitchy character on screen.
Your message to your IF fans: Please keep watching our show as we are making this for you people. With that now we will reunite Heer and Prem very soon.
Author and Reporter: Ranjini Nair


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SheVi4life 11 years ago bitchy does suit her...she does a fab job....but we like her as our nice and shy heer=)
-Nadaan- 11 years ago bitchy is a nice character which suits her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
AmiraBegum786 11 years ago aah lol she is funny!

well i tink the character she is doin now she is fab at it! keep it up!

BittuJi. 11 years ago lol...bitchy won''t suit her unless they give her a makeover...lol
kavya.b 11 years ago bitchyy wont suit u dear

i''m glad that soon we''ll have prem-heer reunite
thanks for sharing
snowdrop16 11 years ago the word bitchy seems to ber favourite word..and i agree the role will not suit her, and im sure she will also get annoyed by this role soon after she portrays it!!!
smart amy girl
smart amy girl 11 years ago hehehheheh..bitchy chracter...??? wont suit u sweetie..aywaz thanx..!!!!
I luv Shamit
I luv Shamit 11 years ago This content is hidden.
Lady_Impala 11 years ago whoa additi ,bitchy role??????? naaaaaaa
prefer you in a strong character who isnt afraid to speak her mind but is all the more confident.bitchy wont suit you,like everyone said.still she is awesome.just being herself.well hope premeer reunite soon
cup_cake123 11 years ago This content is hidden.
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