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'I want people of India to know the real Me' - Jade Goody

Jade Goody and Shilpa Shetty, inmates of Big Brother come face to face again after 18 months... Here is the transcript of the conversation between the two gorgeous ladies in Bigg Boss house..

Published: Monday,Aug 18, 2008 16:10 PM GMT-06:00
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Jade Goody, the first International Guest of Bigg Boss is a woman on mission!! After the Big Brother experience with the then-contestant Shilpa Shetty, Jade feels people of India have seen only a small amount of her!! “I want them to see more of me. They don't know what actually happened between Shilpa and me. The media just blew things out of proportion. I want people to know who the real Jade Goody is. I have come here to prove myself as a person and who I am…I am not a racist. I have gone through a lot in life”, says Jade as she meets Shilpa Shetty, the Host of Bigg Boss Season 2 after 18 long months…

We bring to you the transcript of the conversation that followed between Jade Goody and Shilpa as they came face-to-face on 17th August in the Bigg Boss house..

I want people of India to know the real Me - Jade Goody
Shilpa Shetty: Now I want to introduce the last contestant of the house, hum bolega toh bologe ki bolta hai. I can recall three movies "Main Chup Rahungi" "Kab tak Chup Rahungi" and "Mere Awaz Suno" So like true Indians let's welcome her.
Jade Goody comes out of the car.
Shilpa: Ladies and Gentlemen let's put our hands together for Jade Goody. (Hugs her)… Welcome to Bigg Boss.
Jade: Thank You.
Shilpa: Long time…18th months… You look so different…Your hair…You had short hair.
Jade: They are extensions…
Shilpa: I would like to say Jade is the first international guest of Bigg Boss. Not only that this is her third time in the house. What made you take such a decision ?
Jade: People of India have seen a small amount of me. I want them to see more of me, as you know…
Shilpa: India has not recognized her…they have just seen one side of her personality.
She wants people of India to recognize her, know her personality and character. So I would like to welcome you (Jade) on behalf of all audiences from India and hope You are able to change their perception and like to wish you a very best.
Jade: Thanks
Shilpa: Most importantly I have to tell you something…Jade if you get into a fight in the house or something happens in the house…..you never know…
I want to teach you something that you can use in the house. It's called "Jadoo Ki Jhappi" Everyone knows about it. It's called the 'Magical Hug'.
Jade: I want lots of hugs. I am going to be missing my children I will find it hard to communicate with people and you know I am a businesswoman and a mother so I can't be that bad.
Shilpa: If you don't understand something in the house I think you should go to somebody and ask them to translate.
Jade: I will

Shilpa: Because language will be in Hindi. Hindi main hi bola jayega ghar main. She will face loads of difficulties. So I want people who are staying in the house to help her out.
So you can imagine how difficult life must have been for me.
I am happy to see you and I salute your spirit. Jade You have a "never say die attitude" that's what make you the person you are. And you will always be successful.
I wish the best for you Jade.
Jade: Thank you. 
Shilpa: So all those misconceptions… So I am giving you this "Jadoo Ki Jhappi" (Hugs Jade) so you can use it in the house.
Jade: That's what I am going to do.
Shilpa: Welcome Jade into the Bigg Boss House.
Jade: Thank you. 

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rose12 @rose12 15 years ago she is a harworking girl and deserves this
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Ahmed @Too_Much 15 years ago She is rocking and hardworking girl
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Jiya @.Jiya. 15 years ago
nice for shilpa to welcome her .. x
Shilpa and Jade looking Good
Shilpa Looking Gawjusss
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Esha @cute_grl 15 years ago hellllllooo.............two gorgeous ladies????? its only shilpa....not so called jade gooody. she is not at all pretty. yuckssss...... i hate her & she is soooo fat & ugly.... u made a silly mistake dude....let me tell u jade goody is not gorgeous
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Huzaifa Kaderbhai @kothra 15 years ago Cool..
I must say she s changed.kuch hindi sikh ke jaayegi
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~*puja*~ @~*puja*~ 15 years ago interesting... never expected her to be on the show!
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SimranD @SimranD 15 years ago Personally I think Britain saw the real Jade Goody! I watched all of the episodes and no darling, I don't think the media blew things out of proportion. It was very hurtful watching three bullies, her being the leader and the other two her sidekicks. Shilpa deserves her success and she made us proud. Jade Goody doesn't!!!! However, now that she's in, we should show her what respect we give to those from other countries. We don't throw insults and say that they should go back to their own country. Live and learn Jade Bady!!!!!
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desi_angel101 @desi_angel101 15 years ago ...that's all this is...god after what happened with shilpa i still can't believe that they're doing this but then again people are crazy about foreigners over there...lol kat di i couldn't agree more god help india
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Brummie @Brummie 15 years ago Hi all does anyone know what satellite this is broadcasting on or is there any live feeds

many thanks from the UK
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Jenifer @Jenifer. 15 years ago wow...this a true shocker! i wonder how things will go, personally i don't think Jade will last but lets see, she may suprise us!
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