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'I think many are doing an Anti-Ronit campaign all over' - Ronit Roy

Ronit Roy lashes out on all the accusations regarding Nicole's leg injury and their supposed move to garner 'sympathy votes'..

Published: Saturday,Nov 17, 2007 11:25 AM GMT-07:00
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Ronit Roy, popularly known as the small screen's Big B, seems to have taken a leaf out of the Big B's 'Angry Young Man' persona. After Ronit & Nicole's powerhouse performance last week on Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa, questions were raised about Nicole's leg injury the previous week. Gossip was rife that she had been 'faking' her injury in order to garner 'sympathy votes'. We spoke to the man himself, Ronit Roy, to clear the air..

I think many are doing an Anti-Ronit campaign all over - Ronit Roy
What do you have to say about the negative vibes spread all over about Nicole's injury, and the presumption that it was fake? "See, as you all know, there is a difference of nearly 1 week between the shoot of the episode and the telecast date. The first week, when we were rehearsing inspite of Nicole's illness, it was really tough. But then, we managed to pull it off, and even got good comments from the judges, and the viewers know this. The next week, even when we were rehearsing, Nicole was not fully ok, but she got better by the time we shot for the gala. So, if anyone wants to question the injury of Nicole, then I would want them to ask the doctor who treated Nicole. I think he will be the best person to give an answer. I do not know why few think so small. When I am performing really well and giving my best, why will I hamper my performance and resort to tactics like this?"

Talking about the comments passed on by fellow contestants on his dance, Ronit acclaimed, "I am doing my job very well. I am working for nearly 18 hours a day, shuttling between rehearsals and my shoots. I think many are doing an anti-Ronit campaign all over. Even in the AV's shown on TV, while I talk mainly about my performance and my rehearsals, others are keen on pointing out where I have gone wrong. Even when I get perfect scores or very near to perfect scores, all I get to hear from others is that I do not deserve big scores."

Last words to your detractors? "Well, I just want to say one thing to these people – "God Bless".

Well, we hope Ronit's clarification will put a rest to all those accusations and assumptions doing the rounds lately. Wishing Ronit & Nicole, all the best for the rest of the competition.

Reporter: Srividya Rajesh
Author: Ekta

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Krishna @kubare 16 years ago Wish him all the best...and as he said God Bless the others....!!!:)
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desigrl27 @desigrl27 16 years ago I just read Vijay's comments on the matter as well...I am not sure totally whether or not the guy is genuine in all ways, but I do not think there is any reason to doubt Nicole's injury
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Mahi @-Mystery- 16 years ago I hate people not being able to dance that well and to overcome the feeling of losing they start attacking others' perfect scores!

Ronit has been performing consistently well and Ronit and Nicole deserve every single marks that they have got.

Other celebrities just need to start working hard instead of accusing others.
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roneeta @ronitfan 16 years ago RR has always displayed the basic courtesy and decency required in the competition and he has never let his insecurities take the form of questions and accusations towards others..

it was high time he spoke up!
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mehak @mehak.S 16 years ago i hav had enough of ths topic ..so i wont comment anything
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simz @live_life 16 years ago Ronit is rite.....he is workin hard n gettin critism for wrong stuff
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Sam @RonitPallaviNR 16 years ago Ronit like Vijay said he is the most down to earth actor. He knows how to keep his fans happy and I am sure he keeps Nicole happy too for those who think that he is arrogant and all.
When Nicole was injured he was carryin her around everywhere, if he was really arrogant or mean he would have happily changed his choreographer and abandoned Nicole, but no he stayed strong and supported Nicole. He was not selfish, he genuinely thought of Nicole's welfare too. Seriously, its sad that Sony is just showin the negative side in the AVs, when he is frustrated and tired, he is just a perfectionist and him being hard on Nicole is not just going to benefit Ronit but Nicole too.
As far as the other contestants are concerned they r soooo jealous and insecure. Ronit never talks about anybody else and they just take this for granted and target him. Ronit's performances and hardwork speaks for itself. Audience knows whose the best and that's Ronit.
Love you ROnit!!
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Vijay Bhatter @vijay 16 years ago I hardly interact with TV personalities much due to the starry attitude they carry about themselves with the sudden shot to fame.

And there are only a few actors whom I can list down who are still more grounded after being successful and one of them is Ronit Roy.

From my personal experience I can say that Ronit Roy is probably the only few actors who is courteous enough to reply with a Thank you and wish you the same to SMSes even if its a simple Diwali or Holi greetings :)

Genuinely a good person and probably knows how to keep his fans happy.

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Tani @Tani91 16 years ago Great answer...Ronit is simply so diplomatic...

thanks for the article
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Krithika @maha_prakrti 16 years ago Xome on yaar.. All be sportive naa... As he said there is a long gap between shoots and telecast... So between one shoot of one epi and other there is nearly three weeks difference... So be it... There are doing a wonderful job... Great job Ronit and Nicole.. Claps
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