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I really feel that someday, I can become a good mother: Maitree’s Shrenu Parikh

Shrenu Parikh from Zee TV show 'Maitree' talks about current track of the show.

Published: Saturday,Mar 18, 2023 21:07 PM GMT-06:00
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Shrenu Parikh


Zee TV has been a trendsetter in shaping television content over the past three decades. Having narrated several such tales that have resonated beautifully with audiences across India, Zee TV recently launched a new show – ‘Maitree’ with Sunshine Productions. Set against the backdrop of Prayagraj, the show focuses on the exciting yet dramatic journey of Maitree (Shrenu Parikh) and her soul sister, Nandini (Bhaweeka Chaudhary). The two best friends have been inseparable since their childhood. While they are sure that nothing can break their friendship and that they will remain the best of friends even after marriage, it seems that life has its own plan for them, and they are drifting apart under the most unusual circumstances.

 In recent episodes, viewers witnessed that after Nandini goes into a coma and Saaransh’s (Zaan Khan) demise, Maitree has decided to stay back at the Tiwari house just to take care of Nandini and Ashish’s (Namish Taneja) newborn baby (Nandish). While the audience is watching the high-octane drama in the show, the whole cast is gushing over the new baby on board, Azima Shaikh. Everyone is very happy with the presence of the baby on set, especially Shrenu Parikh, as she is getting to spend maximum time with her. Shrenu is in love with Azima so much that she has already become a family for her.  In fact, not just on screen, but even off the screen every cast member wants to ensure baby’s comfort, hence, they are always at her service.  


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Sharing her experience about shooting with the little baby, Shrenu Parikh mentioned, “The baby who’s playing Nandini’s son is actually a baby girl and when I came to know that we are going to start shooting with an infant, I got very nervous. We all know how difficult it is to handle small babies and shooting with them is another task altogether.  One can never predict an infant’s mood, but surprisingly Azima is a very calm child.  She is just a 3-month-old baby, but because I spend extra time with her, she recognizes me. She easily calms down every time I pacify her.  She immediately responds to me by giving her most precious smile every time I call her ‘Shotuu’. In fact, her mother also feels very secure when Azima is in my lap. And now, after Azima came into my life, I really feel that someday, I can become a good mother.”

 While Shrenu is having fun shooting with the baby on set, in the upcoming episodes viewers will get to witness that Nandini’s mother has filed a custody case for her grandchild Nandish. Will Maitree and Ashish be able to get Nandish’s custody? Or will they lose the only hope of their life to Nandini’s mother? 

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