'I might quit television' - Ajay Singh Chaudhary

Popular TV actor Ajay Singh Chaudhary is on the verge of a Bollywood debut and he may quit the idiot box, if his film career clicks...

Ajay Singh Chaudhary is one more TV star who is making the leap into Bollywood. This cute good looking guy who impressed everybody with his multiple disguises in Kumkum and is currently seen in Palampur Express is awaiting the release of his debut film, Let's Dance.  "I play a hotelier and the love interest of the lead girl, Gayatri Patel( Suhani) who wants to help some street kids become dancers.  My character Neel stands besides Suhani through thick and thin".

He does not think that Let's Dance is a wrong film to debut given that it's a small film with no major stars.  "We will rock as we have a cute story, which will attract audiences. And remember the dances (Latin Hip-Hop) are out of the world. I don't think only big budget films are good for a start, what matters is a good film". 

Besides Let's Dance, this dude from Meerut also has one more film Aamras' coming up for release in the next 2/3 months. This beautiful film directed by Rupali Guha( Basu  Chatterjee's daughter )is about friendship, relationships and emotions. "I play a Raja Hindustani type guide in Panchgani, who falls in love with a tourist".  The twist in the tale is that unlike the above Aamir Khan film, not one but four girls enter the guy's life and how he finally chooses one".

Ajay is quite clear in his mind that if the above films click and he gets better offers, he might quit TV. "I have already told the makers of Palampur Express about the same. I have no issues doing both the mediums, but if time is a constraint, I will then stick to cinema".

Coming to Palamapur Express, he admits that the Sony show is not doing well. "But times are changing. Earlier Saas Bahu and beti shows would get high ratings, now where are they? We are hopeful that our different show based on the life of sprint queen P.T. Usha's life will pick up soon. "My character Dhruv is a good guy who is quite normal despite being loaded." Ajay also no qualms playing second fiddle to the lead girl. "I am not insecure; I only need a good role. Even if you remember my debut show, Love Story, I was not the lead, yet my character which was similar to Saif in Omkara was liked big time".

His other shows were Sujata and Champs on Bindaas. "The latter was a mistake. The channel and creatives botched up the concept which was about a guy who wants to become a super biker. Because of the above show, I also had to leave Sujata, where I had a popular character", he ends. 

Reporter and Author: Anil Merani

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Comments (14)

This movie is a remake of hollywood movie which stars jessica albe...

15 years ago

thnx. gd luck to him. he was good in kumkum!

15 years ago

can't wait to see his movie, This guy is really sexy! :D <3

15 years ago

I Lyk Ajay...He was AWSUM In Kumkum..So swt and Funni..Lolz Especially his Baba Disguise..I Had stomach ache from laffing..All The Best 2 Him! <3

15 years ago

he is cute...
i really loved him in love story even though a negative character.... but i liked his acting...

15 years ago

all d very best 2 him...he is doin a fantastic job in palampur express!!

15 years ago

Hopefully his film will do well :)......but he should not quit TV all together :(

15 years ago

no thats not good he did such a mindblowing job in kumkum as ustaad i want him to stay in tv industry to be a successful actor.

15 years ago

Hes good looking and a good actor too, Lets hope he can find a foothold in Bollywood. Its a pity he will quit TV if his films fare well at box office, TV could do with good/cute actors like him.

15 years ago

... IF his film career clicks!!! :)

15 years ago

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