"I manifest that we work together really soon" - Jaideep Ahlawat after being blown by Bobby Deol in 'Animal'

Ahlawat recently took to Instagram to express his joy after meeting Bobby Deol.

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Jaideep Ahlawat and Bobby Deol

If there is one name that is currently on everyone's lips and minds, well, it is actor Bobby Deol. In spite of just having two scenes in the blockbuster film Animal, Deol's character of Abrar has created a monumental impact and continues to be relevant and buzzing.

Needless to say, it isn't just the fans but an array of actors and others in the industry as well who have been raving about Deol and his performance. Joining that bandwagon is yet another stalwart actor, Jaideep Ahlawat

Ahlawat recently took to Instagram to express his joy after meeting Bobby Deol. In a heartfelt post, Ahlawat congratulated Deol on his latest project, Animal, emphasizing his excitement for the film. The actor went on to manifest a future collaboration, expressing his eagerness to work together soon. 

"It was so wonderful to meet you finally Paaji. Animal ki liye Bahut Bahut Mubarak ho Aapko. And I also manifest that we work together very soon. Love & Regards Paaji @iambobbydeol"

Jaideep Ahlawat and Bobby Deol

Ahlawat's warm wishes and hopeful anticipation provide a glimpse into the camaraderie shared among Bollywood talents, leaving fans intrigued about potential future collaborations between these two talented actors.

Bobby Deol has been on a roll since the release of Animal and has been giving out interviews talking about the film, his character and his camaraderie with Ranbir Kapoor among other things.

So far, Animal has crossed 300 crores net at the Hindi box office and also recorded the highest ever second Friday collection recently.

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