'I love it when Kapil praises my eyes' - Anjali Abrol

Anjali Abrol answers her share of rapid fires on her likes, on Nach Baliye and her own Baliye, Kapil...

Define yourself in a word: I am very simple.

One thing you can’t do without, as soon as you wake up: I can’t start my day without my cup of tea, and that too, bed tea (grins)

One thing you love to hear about yourself: I get lot of compliments about my eyes and I love every bit of that. In fact, I love the most when Kapil praises my eyes (blushes)

Your take on Nach Baliye: This is a great platform that we have got. Nach Baliye is one reality show which is very clean and I am lucky to be part of it.

Your Favorite Jodi in Nach: Kapil and Anjali, no doubts there!!

Most Memorable Gift that Kapil has given you: He once gifted me with a red rose when I was going to my native place, Jammu and that has been really precious.

One similarity between Rani and Anjali: Both are very innocent.

Your Favorite Chowpaty Chat: Pani Puri, I can have that any time in the day.

Favorite Bed-Time story: I like Cindrella as that story is in a way similar to my serial too.

The dance number you would love to dance on with Kapil: I would love to dance on any Punjabi track, as they are of high energy and I like them very much.

One Quality you like in Kapil: He is realistic and never puts up pretense.

Reporter and Author: Ranjini Nair

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Comments (38)

she is innocent coz in nach baliye she cried in one scene! aah

well all the best


15 years ago

i m huge fan of ur jadi i.e urs n kapil...

15 years ago

they are soo cute 2gether...wish them luck on NB4

15 years ago

aww soo cute..kapil nd she look cuTer off-screen than on-screen..:)

15 years ago

anjali and kapil make a great pair good luck

15 years ago

cutee :)
i love kapil! :) they are soo cutee

15 years ago

I lover her in this pic. she look so beautiful and cuteeeeeeeee

15 years ago

actually i''m not from india, but i dont like to miss their series, rani you are so cute with kapil. hope your marriage bell will soon rings.

15 years ago

She is soo innocent.............love the way she plays rani she''s a really good actress......bst of luck in NB4

15 years ago

i never knew they were a real couple...awesome...

15 years ago

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