'I love cooking Junk food' - Sargun Mehta

Neetu aka Sargun Mehta in Zee TV’s 12/24 Karol Bagh reveals her food habits…

Is there any particular dish you cling on to?  
Butter Chicken, I'm a hard core non-vegetarian.  

Your favorite ghar ka khana?
Rajma Chawal.

Which is your favorite sweet dish?
I'm very choosy about sweets, still I love Gulab Jamun.

Your favorite fruit?

Do you cook and if yes what do you cook?
I love cooking junk food like pasta, Italian dishes; anything except Indian food.

Is there any food that you would not eat as a child, but eat now?
Of course Baingan ka Bharta.

Do you have food fights?
No, never but I would love to have one. (giggles)

Which is your favorite drink?
Red Bull, Fresh lime Juice.

With which drink do you start your day?
Warm water.

What do you do for midnight food cravings?
Maggi with cheese that I cook myself.

Your idea of a proper diet.
Hmm..cornflakes and juices.

Are you Diet conscious?
No ways (laughs). Reading my above eating habits I can no way fall in the category of diet freaks.

Reporter and Author: Pooja Shenoy

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Comments (10)

bit weird interview.. don't know how true it is but regarding food .. italian food is not junk as all italians eat it everyday and they don't eat junk for sure !!!

13 years ago

shes sweet but i dont like her character in KB

13 years ago

Since when did pasta and other Italian dishes became a junk food? Weird ! Also a person who is choosy about even desserts can eat Maggi ?! More weird ... eeeeeeeewwwwwwwwww Maggi ??!!
No offense to sargun mehta or pooja shenoy, is this article really true?

13 years ago

Gagn and Mohini19, pasta is not junk food especially whole wheat. It's actually very healthy when prepared in a true Italian style. Plus food that is non-Indian shouldn't be classifed as junk. When I think of junk food I think of high fat, high cholestrol, high sodium, lots of unknown and unidentied chemicals and the big word PROCESSED. I disagree with you, Gagan, in that a lot of Indian foods cannot be classified as junk especially if prepared well.

13 years ago

She needs to get her facts right. Pasta is not junk food.

13 years ago

srryy but i diasgree with u......most of indian food is not junk food!! :)

13 years ago

Just because it is not Indian does not imply it is Junk. Junk food is usually the one with little nutrition and too much oil. So that would mean Pasta is not junk food, but most of indian foods can be categorized as Junk food,

13 years ago

awesome sargun great acting. we love to hate you. lol

13 years ago

nice to read her answers...she looks great n healthy even if her diet is not so healthy:)

13 years ago

great....neetu tusi great ho...whats there to cook in maggi with cheese :)

13 years ago

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