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'I like to build a wall between public and private life' - Riva Bubber

Riva Bubber, the beautiful Damini in Kyunki Saas... talks about her role, her experience being in the serial, on her getting back to perfect figure and much more...

Published: Thursday,Jul 31, 2008 11:28 AM GMT-06:00
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If a list is made of the top 10 Balaji loyals, Riva Bubber is sure to find a slot in that. It's been more than six years, and yet she has been doing just one serial – Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi. Ask her about this and she will snap back, “Give me one good reason for leaving Kyunki…Balaji Productions is a home away from home for me. In the last six years, I have made many good friends on the sets who are very close to me”.

I like to build a wall between public and private life - Riva Bubber
But why not something else over and above Kyunki…After all, she is not playing a lead role in the serial. The girl who started her career with Kyun Hota Hai Pyar responds, “It is not true that I have not done anything other than Kyunki in the last few years. On the contrary, there was a time when I have done multiple daily serials like K Street Pali Hill & Ayushman apart from Kyunki. Those days were extremely stressful and I would hardly get any time to rest”.

Most of Riva's on-set colleagues have been participating in reality shows, but the audience has never seen her in any such show. Is it something she has plans of taking part in? “This is a big No-No for me. Reality shows bring out a different person in you. I always like to build a wall between my private and public life and thus do not like reality shows. What is even more unfortunate is that friends and colleagues fight on-screen in reality shows. There is a lot of backbiting that goes on. I want to stay away from all this”, explains the logical and thoughtful actor who is known on the sets for her sewing skills. 

What about Kahani Hamaarey Mahaabhaarat Ki? All Balaji regulars are doing some role or the other in the epic. Is she doing something? “I have full faith in Ekta and am confident that if there is a role suitable for me, she will definitely offer that to me. I have also not gone out of my way to ask for a role. That way I am not a very proactive person”, says the Balaji loyal, who has become one of the favorite bahus on the Indian Television scene.

Over a period of time, her fans have seen Riva's figure fluctuating from the perfect curves to a chubby cheeks Punjabi kudi. “That is true – there was a time when I showed my true Panju colors and my figure was that of a typical Punjabi girl. I have been doing extensive workouts for the last three months and have come back to shape. I feel once in a while if you indulge in ice creams and desserts, it is not harmful. On the contrary your lust for that food goes down!”, says Riva. “But I am totally against the zero size figure concept. For any woman being a mother is very important and I feel if I concentrate too much on thing like a zero-size figure, it will ultimately affect the person’s health and thereby pregnancy. My message to all of those who work out, eat well and work out well. Do not go on a crash diet," says the girl who has managed to lose quite a few kilos in the last few months.

Riva had launched a pet parlor with much fanfare few years back. How is that doing? “That's a sad experience for me – I had to close it down. Actually I was not being able to give it much time and thus had to rely on my employees, who were not really doing a good job”, says the pet lover. “I couldn't do a shoddy job since I was taking responsibility of someone else's pet. While I felt very sad closing it down, there was no other option”, says a visibly upset and sad Riva.

Reporter and Author: Srabanti Chakrabarti

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coolcactus @coolcactus 11 years ago plzz cum back 2 tv shows...luv u...miss u vry much
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radhika_21 @radhika_21 15 years ago thanx!
she's soo sweet and sensible!
love her!
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HPCRAZY @HPCRAZY 15 years ago She is so cute & an amazing actress too! She has amazing chemistry with Sumeet Sachdev & I just love the Gautam-Damini jodi on KSBKBT! It is really very unfair that their jodi has been sidelined after the 2nd leap for so long! Hoping to see more of both Riva & Sumeet in KSBKBT in the future!

All the best for your career Riva! Your fans will stick with you no matter what shade your characterDamini takes on the show!
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-xox;*_Mαdiihα @iiQBAL-NEHA.xO 15 years ago αwwwww.

she`s soo sweeet = )
thαnks for the αrticle.
she is truly α loyαl Bαlαji αctor.
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~*puja*~ @~*puja*~ 15 years ago thanks! she sounds like a sensible girls... glad she's not doing reality shows!
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sallu_lover @sallu_lover 15 years ago oh wow she sounds sooo sweet n awesome very easy going
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Sunara @princessunara 15 years ago she s a sweet n simple gal in real..
so unlike her onscreen character..lol..not dat i ever expected her 2 be like damini n real too..hehe..
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Tani @Tani91 15 years ago aww she's too sweet...but I wish her character was better in KSBKBT..
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