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I like eating Paneer a lot - Varun Kapoor

Popular actor Varun Kapoor shares his love for food with TellyBuzz.

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As we know that our TV celebs are very much conscious about their physique, but they never miss a chance to have lots and lots of food whenever they get a chance. Our Telly celebs love to be known as a foodie. One such big time food lover is the popular actor Varun Kapoor who was last seen in Star Plus' popular show Saraswatichandra.

Here is Varun sharing his love for food...

Are you a foodie?

No not at all, but I love eating chocolates.

What is your most preferred cuisine?

Indian cuisine because I don't prefer eating out much in the restaurant but I can eat Paneer items ten times in a day. I can eat Paneer in my break fast, lunch and dinner.

Your favorite mouth-watering dish?

Any dish made out of Paneer.

Which restaurant you prefer the most?

Well as I told you that I don't prefer eating in the restaurant, so whenever my friends call me, I join them but avoid eating outside food.

Do you like spending time in the kitchen?

No, because I don't know anything about cooking but I help my wife in various things.

What is the most memorable kitchen moment, be it happy or a disastrous one?

The disastrous thing was to accept the challenge from my wife to cook Paneer Ki sabzi, but it tasted worse and from that day my wife has stopped me from cooking. Later I tried making Mexican Rice which I read on the internet. The rice tasted better and was edible.

Which is your favorite quick cheap healthy meal?

Paneer with lemon, salt and pepper on top.

If you have to take a celebrity on a date who would it be?

I can go with any female celebrity because who would not like to go on a date with any celebrity. So its difficult to choose.

Neha Jain

Varun Kapoor Saraswatichandra  Star Plus 

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pdevanshi20 6 years ago aww... varun u sooo much and missing u so much as Danny... m a huge fan of yours..!!
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Nrp77 9 years ago So classy of her to point out that she was first choice for this project and not Aishwarya. Just goes to show that she sucks, not only as an actress, but as a decent person as well. She has no acting talent (just a big ego) and people keep casting her which boggles the mind. She would have no career if her last name wasn't Kapoor. Oh and the size 0 thing!?! Why would ANYONE want to make this chick their role model!?! There are sooo many size 0 women out there and they're definitely much better looking.
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..Roopal.. 9 years ago plz bebo don't do all this
i like my normal bebo
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calizgurl 9 years ago bebo get a life n stop killing urslef. ur ugly no matter what :)
Reply thumbs-up 7 thumbs-down
..Roopal.. 9 years ago i too don't like this size zero trend
girls look better in normal body nor too fleshy or like a stick
i love bebo in fleshy way more then stick way
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Yuvika_15 9 years ago she had lost too much w8 for her film tashan, it was said after tht movie she had started putting weight on, bt obv wil tke time 2 notice it...

all the best 2 the entire team for the movie!
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shivani003 9 years ago Ok Iam strongly against this digusting fad of actresses wanting to become size zero. Its not healthy for girls of our generation to be thinking its "cool" to be size zero. Iam sick of the media to be promoting Kareena as that. For god's sake she was size zero so many years ago and she's been much bigger in size (and more normal looking) for so many years now. I just wish people ppl would quit thinking its cool. For people who dont know size zero is the equivalent of a UK size 4!!! Thats just plain insane. Sorry if Iam sounding paranoid but Iam just so fed up with Kareena promoting this size zero BS all these years like that Sony Vaio nonsense and now suddenly when she's already quite fat she wants to be zero++. (Which she surpassed long back) Puhleeez! She looks much better when she's bigger then when she's a barely visible stick. I just wish the media would STFU about size zero. Jeez! Ok rant over.
2011-12-06 01:42:33
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airplanes4evr 9 years ago LOVE YOU ARJUN RAMPAL, sooo glad you are back!!!!!!
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sweet_angel27 9 years ago Oh, that's why she seemed to have gained some weight?!
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Snehabr 9 years ago Thank god!! Kareena is casted in Heroine...and Ash is out!! Kareena sure will do a great job!!
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