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'I like all the well-dressed people!' - Sai Deodhar

Sai Deodhar shares her fashion tastes with Tellybuzz…

What does fashion mean to you?
Fashion is something through which we usually get to know something about a person… their attire is like a window to see their personality.

Which is the one attire that can never go out of fashion?

Your favorite designer
Manish Malhotra

Favorite perfume
The Dreamer by Versace

Favorite line of bags and shoes
Bags by Esbeda…they may not be a style statement but they are comfy. And I'm not really brand conscious when it comes to shoes. They should look good and fit proper.

Do you prefer make-up or being without it?

Which brand of make-up do you usually favor?
M.A.C and for mascara I'm always loyal to Maybelline.

Your favorite fashion destination?
London, I find everyone well-dressed there. Also NYC, but the people there aren't that well dressed.

Designer label or Platform ka maal?
I like to mix and match…if done aesthetically it creates magic. And I think probably everyone does that but they never admit it.

What do you do on a bad hair day?
I tie it up. I plait it, bead it or I just think positive and believe its not a bad hair day for me and it sort of works out!

The accessories that you usually prefer…
I just got my nose-pierced…so I'm loving my nose-rings and studs. But the one accessory that's permanently on me is my watch.

Do you feel the electronic gadgets we carry reflect our style statement?

Who do you feel is the most influential trendsetter at present?
Katrina Kaif, Kareena Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra

Who is your style icon?
I like all the well-dressed people in this world and I take a little inspiration from all of them.

The hottest color this season…
Red is hot…irrespective of the season. I love Red!

Do you take fashion advice from others or you follow your own instincts?
I usually listen to what fashion advice people have to offer. But eventually it's my own choice.

Reporter and Author: Susan Jose


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alishaL786 10 years ago nice tastes! :) i love the perfume! :) its my fav!
spln 10 years ago oooh the dreamer by versace - SUCH a great taste at that!
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