I just packed my bags and came to Mumbai for two days: Shivya Pathania

Actress Shivya Pathania talks about her journey from Shimla to Mumbai and becoming an actress.

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Pretty actress Shivya Pathania who has made her acting debut with Sony TV's newly launched show Humsafars as Arzoo Naushin Khan hails from Shimla.

It was Shivya's dream to act and her strong desire of becoming an actress that made Shivya come to Mumbai from Shimla but it wasn't a smooth journey for her.

In a candid chat with her, we asked her about the journey from Shimla to Mumbai and from being an engineer to an actress.

Shivya says, "My passion was to act. Acting is that kind of love for me which is above all. I have been taking part actively in all the co-curricular activities happening in my school and college. I always wanted to be ahead in this field. I had won Miss Shimla title 2013 which was organized through Miss India. I always wanted to work in the creative field. I wanted to prove to my family that you all think that this field is not good then it's not like that. I will always keep trying for that. There have been many times that I used to have a conflict with my family when they used to ask me to do a job as an engineer instead of getting into the field of acting. I had faith in myself but I didn't know that God will listen to me so soon. I feel that a lot of girls will connect to me."

"An engineer by profession, Shivya has worked hard for her dreams. We asked Shivya about how she got into the field of acting as Arzoo. She shares, "I would call myself lucky but at the same time I feel that God must have seen my hard work while I was in Shimla and then living in Delhi and working there. It was my dream to come to Mumbai which was very far. One day I was just in my home's lobby in Shimla. Then I got a call that I have to come to Mumbai for a look test. I thought that why me when there are so many beautiful girls? Then Kanchan ma'am came to Shimla and she said that she will take me to Mumbai. So, I just packed my bag and came to Mumbai for two days thinking I will see Mumbai as there might be a lot of hard work is waiting for me."

She further adds, "I came to Mumbai and gave a look test which was liked by everyone - Gul ma'am, Gorky sir and the channel. They told me that they saw the Arzoo they were looking for in Shivya and I also feel that they might have because even I have taken the responsibilities of my family in my life and have come to Mumbai to pursue my dream of acting similar to Arzoo, who comes to Mumbai from Lucknow to become a fashion designer. Arzoo is close to my heart and I feel that a lot of girls will get to learn a lot from her. The story of the show is all about two incomplete people who will complete each other and the viewers will enjoy watching the show."

Good luck Shivya! 

Anwesha Kamal



Shivya Pathania Humsafars  Sony TV 

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-Sush- 6 years ago You are doing a good job Shivya! Good luck with the show!2014-09-24 20:42:04
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minaz296 6 years ago All the best Shivya!!
Humsafars rocks!!
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Anika_PreRish 6 years ago You are doing a great job as Arzoo,Shivya. All the best.. You rock...
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MyHC175 6 years ago all the best shivya...,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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silky_harshad 6 years ago good luck shivya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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chicksoup 6 years ago All the best, Shivya! Loving this journey with you...May your hard work reap rich benefits...
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-Preeti- 9 years ago Is he making TM with Salman again??? Dont tell me Nirjara wud be alive
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sandiab 9 years ago my love affair with salman started with this film went into SK obsession mode and havent gotten over it yet- loved this movie couldn't handle the end - gona watch it when it comes out but pray that it has a happy ending
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Piku_S 9 years ago Tere Naam was beautiful movie, with beautiful touching songs. I cried and cried for Sallu's character. They should leave the movie has it is.
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Merin_Gifford 9 years ago i have seen most of the parts in bollywood have flopd except Golmaal parts but in tere naam 2 salman is there so m sure this will also get hit ;)
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