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'I hope to come back with a bang for my fans'- Gracy Singh

Gracy Singh on a tete-e-tete with India-forums


Gracy Singh, has not had a good run with movies lately. However, the actress  takes it all in a good stride and is now set to do more meaningful films.

Over to Gracy…

You've kept a low profile these days. Why?

Well I have never really believed in talking about myself too much. Even during Lagaan days I had a very low profile but yes since the film was so huge nearly everybody carried me everywhere. Off late I have been busy with a project or two hence I really have not had the time to sit and give interview. But am back now with film releases soon and I'm here talking to you (smiles).

Which projects are you involved in currently?

'Milta hai chance by chance' (comedy film) directed by Ramesh Modi and 'Midnight' (thriller) directed by Rajiv Ruiya. Also, 'The White Land' (women oriented) directed by Jayant Gilater.

Does it take a toll on you doing many films at once?

Well not a toll but yes since all films are very important to me I always try to give it my best. So it was demanding on me from the script point of view but just the fact that I always wanted to give it my best made me push myself that much more.

As an actor do you have more fun when you do a comic film?

The mood is lighter but contrary to what people believe it's that much more tougher to do a comic film, the timing has to be great and the presence of mind needed is a lot of work. The final product is something we look at and laugh but on sets it's a lot of hard work.

On what basis do you sing films…script, amount or banner?

Script and my role, I always look at the story and see if portraying the role is something I would be able to do and feel satisfied at the end of it. Am not into the rat race never, was never, nor will be, I do cinema that am comfortable doing.

Do you regret doing any of your past films?

None of them, they have all taught me something or the other. So flops or hits they are all close to me. Yes I probably feel I could've performed better and there is always room for betterment but never regretted any of it.

Do you feel the big screen hasn't taken you to new heights as Dinky in small screen?

I have had my share of highs too with Lagaan, Munna Bhai and Gangaajal. So it's not that I haven't experienced it at all. The best thing is I'm still remembered for them and which is why people still want to know about me. Dinky definitely was the platform for me to get known and seen but I think in both spheres, films n TV I have got my share and I have no hard feelings for anyone at all. I am still enjoying success like I used too.

You are single independent woman in Mumbai City. Is there anything you'd like to say other similar females who are out there?

Would just tell them that in a  big city like Mumbai it's very easy to get carried away. I'd wish them luck in all that they are doing and to always keep their dignity and pride held high. A girl's dignity always precedes her and its important she knows how to hold it high. Educate yourself in every which way cause at the end of it when there is nothing to stand by only your family and your education helps you out.

What is your mantra towards living life?

Be happy, Be satisfied with what you do, love your family and friends and don't do something for the heck of it, do it because you truly believe in it.

What are your opinions on romance and love? Are you seeing someone?

It's great to be in love and it's nice to have someone with you whom you come back to at the end of the day. As for me at the moment am single but if any major developments happen the world would know.

Tell us a little bit about your family, childhood and college days?

I have had a very normal childhood, a career in films was never even dreamt off. College days were a lot of fun with me and friends catching a film and outings. I have always been taught by my parents the importance of education hence today I can stand strong in Mumbai. My parents always taught me to be down to earth. I have imbibed that since childhood and I love that about myself.

 What are your goals for the near future?

To do meaningful work. I am also a bharatnatyam dancer so I want to hone my skills further. I look forward to doing meaningful cinema and I hope to come back with a bang for my fans who have loved and adored me even in my times of lows and definitely given my family a lot of happiness.

Reporter and Author: Susan Jose


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