'I have tried my best to be realistic in the film' - Rajeev Khandelwal

Rajeev Khandelwal the man who can make millions of girls faint has come a long way from working behind the camera to now making his debut in films. Here is he giving an insight on the movie to Telly Buzz...

TV star Rajeev Khandelwal has finally launched himself into Bollywood with an offbeat movie “Amir”. The film is a story of a common man and has been shot completely on the streets of Mumbai thus doing away with the concept of sets.

“Amir, I would say is a cosmically made film. There are some projects where you don’t push things around to get things right, where it just happen cosmically. Amir is one such project and never had I imagined that one day I would do a film like this. I am sure every time you asked me I have said that I would make my debut in a romantic film,” is what Rajeev has to say about the film. So how did the project happen? “The script of Amir was sent to me by my friend Babul who is the line producer there. I read it in the aircraft and as soon as I reached Mumbai, I called him up and said I liked it. The script was by Anurag Kashyap and he too had me in mind for the role and so did my producer Vikas from UTV. With my consent already there, one meeting between them and the film rolled out.”

On asking, Rajeev tells more about the making of Amir. “The music director was an arranger while the cameraman, a famous photographer. So if you see, we were all newcomers and since everyone was a first timer, everyone had a lot of passionto the work. We have gone through very difficult phases of the film’s shoot and many things were tough, but never once did anyone think that it’s the producer’s headache. We fought, we survived and today when we look back it is something like a baby, like you bring up, nurture, nourish and see it grow,” an emotional Rajeev replies. Very soon the “Making of Amir” will be released which Rajeev says is a film in itself.

According to Rajeev, he has tried his best to be realistic in the film. “If I had to get an ashthma attack, I actually would skip a 1000times before the shot was called to bring out that realistic breathless feeling. Same I would do when I had to portray a tired look, say after a running scene,” says Rajeev. The music album of the film will be released sometime this month and Rajeev feels the music director Amit Trivedi has done a very good job.

After Amir what next? “There are five scripts and I like all five of them. Lets see if Amir does well and if they are still interested in me, then I would like to do all five of them,” came his candid reply. Will any of these films be romantic ones and he gives a reply in the affirmative! Any idea about co-actresses in those films? “Okay in one of the films, Aamna is being considered opposite me as the leading lady. If all goes well, then we may soon hit the big screen as a Jodi again. But nothing is finalized yet for any of the films,” adds Rajeev laughingly.

Rajeev did not want to start his acting career on the big screen where he wouldn’t be noticed as an actor. In Amir, he has immense acting scope. His fans are also waiting for the release of the film which is not too far now.

Reporter and Author: Barnali

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oh, now tht Aamna is busy somewhere else :P i doubt this RA movie hehehe!

15 years ago

Rajeev is sooo charming! Hope he gets more movie roles and comes on TV too with Aamna.

15 years ago

all the best may all your wishes come true

15 years ago

I am sooo waiting for the movie to release..

15 years ago

All the best Rajeev. Hope 2009 will be raining Rajeev Khandelwal in Bollywood.

15 years ago

Kiya baat uncle rajeev ke bohat fan following hai...
thats nice interview was too comfortable and relaxed and honest too..
Same to same like me ;)

15 years ago

OMGSH W/ AAMNA AHHH! OMGSH! AH plz god plz :)

it would be so hit :D

& im so happpppy forrr rajeev! you rock! this movie sounds great! cant wait for it :)

15 years ago

Omg...omg he might do a romantic film with Aamna! And he has five film offers, can you ask for anything better? I am so proud of you Rajeev, and vert excited to see you on the big screen.

15 years ago

wishing rajeev all the best for aamir it will be a big hit

15 years ago

All the best Rajeev...INSHALLAH u will succeed

15 years ago

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