'I have always given my 100% to the role of Bhakti' - Krishna Gokani

Krishna Gokani popularly known as Bhakti of Star Plus' Hamari Devrani talks about her journey being part of the show, the health problems she encountered and much more..

Krishna Gokani has given her 100% to essaying the role of Bhakti in Star Plus' Hamari Devrani for more than two years. An unexpected back problem created some anxious moments for the actor health-wise, after which her character was bumped off owing to the leap taken in the show.

Here is Krishna in an exclusive conversation with TellyBuzz on her journey playing Bhakti, the health problems she faced, and life after Hamari Devrani..

How has the feeling been playing Bhakti for two years now?
It has been very nice. All this while, Bhakti was a part of me. I was practically playing her 24/7, and she was much beyond a character for me.

Tell us about the experience of being part of Hamari Devrani?
I had an up and down journey till now. I have been a victim of politics, and was too naive to understand what was going on. At the same time I would want to say that I learnt a lot by being part of the show. I learnt from the senior artists about being on time for shoot, to get ready on time and deliver my best while shooting. I understood the nuances of scheduling scenes, and knew how much of a time a particular scene would take to shoot. This knowledge was very useful as actors at times tend to get irritated when a particular scene takes too long to be shot.

We heard you are very keen on learning the nuances of direction?
Yes, I have interest in direction too. I gained a lot of knowledge practically on direction.

How is it to work with Shobhana Desai Productions?
It was a nice experience. I have grown as a person. Shobhanaji is a nice lady who does not leave any stone unturned when it comes to getting everything right.

You have worked with a huge cast which has many experienced actors. How was your off screen rapport with all?
It's been up and down. Overall, all were good and helpful too.

How similar or different are you from Bhakti?
Both of us do not know the 'P' of politics. I never could understand when a person was playing politics behind my back. The difference between me and Bhakti is that I never knew to be diplomatic. Krishna is too straight forward a person, and I do not know to manipulate things. 

Any aspect of Bhakti that Krishna Gokani would like to take home?
Well, I would want to take from Bhakti the trait to keep her hopes alive, come what may. 

Your chemistry with Madhav Deochake was appreciated a lot. How was your off screen rapport with him?
It was very professional. Luckily, we both knew when to say what, and how to behave when together. 

Who amongst the huge cast were you comfortable with on sets?
There's not one person as such. I was too young when I started with the show, and could not understand the psyche of every person out there, even though I knew their problems. I could see two different reactions coming from the same person, so could not really understand what to believe and what not to.

We heard you were down with a major back problem?
Yes, I have had some serious issues with my back for the past few months. But I am now completely fine.

Is it a fact that you continued to shoot even when you were unwell?
Yes, I literally shot with the back problem for nearly two months. If you have seen my scenes, I was always shown to be on bed, sitting or lying down. If I was walking, I was made to walk by my co-actors.

What exactly resulted in the abrupt end to your character?
Well, I really do not know anything. All I know is that I was shooting regularly when I had a persistent back problem. I shot for two days after I declared to all that I was perfectly fine. And the irony was that when I got completely fine, the show did not require my character (smiles). I would only like to stress the point that I have always given 100% to playing Bhakti for more than two years, and would have wanted my character to end in a nicer way. But not all that you wish for comes true!!
Is it true that you were not informed of your character's ending?
I would not want to comment on this.

Which is the one track that you enjoyed the most in Hamari Devrani?
Well, the first one has to be the track wherein Bhakti and Mohanji get close to each other, and the chemistry between them kicked off. The second track that I loved the most was the one where both of us are kicked out of the house, and we move to the servant quarters. The manner in which we set things right and gain some importance was a nice part.

Who do you give credit to for essaying the role of Bhakti so well?
I think the credit has to go to the Producer, who has helped me grow as an actor. I would thank my co-artists and unit members too, who have helped me during this journey.

Who is your inspiration when it comes to acting?
Shabana Azmi and Smita Patil; they belonged to a different genre when it came to acting. They have been the most versatile actors till date.

Any aspiration other than acting?
Well, direction is certainly a passion that I will look forward to later on. I will have to thank the Director of Hamari Devrani, Pawan Sahu who taught me a lot. I admire him for his ethics, professionalism and humanitarian concern.

Do you have a penchant for reality shows?
Of course!! I am very fond of dancing and am a trained dancer at the Shiamak Davar Institute.

What are your future plans?
I am now done with my back problem. I can say that I am a dancing stick (smiles). I do not intend taking a break; I will look forward to challenging roles and am confident of giving my 100% to whatever I get. People have only seen me as the innocent Bhakti, and there is lot more to explore.

Reporter and Author: Srividya Rajesh

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This is not a new thing on TV. Anyways all the best to her

13 years ago

What they did was very wrong!!!!!

I hope Krishna gets a good and different role now!!!!

13 years ago

She sounds very bitter from the whole thing and honestly I dont even blame her ....They did her SO WRONG! She WAS the face of humari dewrani! My prayers go out to her I hope she finds a promising role very soon! unfortunately such is the selfish world of show biz!! :( Glad her back is doing well now god bless

13 years ago

I began to like this show,it's sad that Bhakti isn't in the leap.

13 years ago

They did wrong to her... hope Krishna all the best in life.

13 years ago

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