'I hate to be indecisive at times' - Priyanka Bassi

The gorgeous Priyanka Bassi talks about her likes, dislikes and much more...

Priyanka Bassi is: Charming

You love to: Binge on pani puri and chocolates

You hate to: Be indecisive at times

You get angry when: I am not understood

You are fussy about: Getting dressed up

Friends or Lover: Lover, of course

Hugs or Kisses: Hugs

Love or Arranged marriage: Love cum arranged

On a blind date, you would like to go with: My dream man

Your Favorite Destination: Finland

You like to shop at: Anywhere

Favorite Cuisine: Indian and in that, I like to eat Punjabi food

Favorite TV show: none

Last time you cried: Three days back, just like that

Last movie you watched: Dostana

Last time you boarded a train: It was somewhere two and a half years back

Any Secret Desire: I would like to keep it a secret

Any message to fans: Love you all and bless me. Soon I will come back with a blast.

Reporter and Author: Rachana Trivedi


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Priyanka Bassi

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Comments (18)

love her n hope she makes a cum back through MJHT.....

15 years ago

wow nice 2 see her interview...i hope she comes back soon..i miss her :(

15 years ago

Yipee!!! i am sooo happy... plss pri cm bak soon.. we r eagerly waiting for u.... wish u a HAPPY NEW YEAR nd all the best for ur upcoming projects!!
thank u sooo much for the article..:)

15 years ago

omg...is it true....wooooooooooh...i m jumping like popcorn in happiness....come back soooooooooooooooooooooon PRI and HAPPY NEW YEAR....thanks for posting...

15 years ago


I hope Pri comes back with a bang soon!!!

15 years ago

omg finally an article on pri..thnkgod she is there...dont worry pri we will wait for u...come back with BLAST happy new year

15 years ago

smart answers, not giving to much info!!!


15 years ago

just come back pri with blast
we are waiting
best of luck and happy new year

15 years ago

when are we gonna see her again yaar...

15 years ago

wow........god after such a long time we hv something frm our pri..........i wish her all d best 4 her future projects.....and i reallly want to see her wid rajeev again

15 years ago

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