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'I forgive Seema for nominating me' - Manoj Tiwari

Manoj Tiwari opens up to TellyBuzz after getting out of the Bigg Boss house...


We saw a very different avatar of the otherwise happy-go-lucky person Manoj Tiwari inside the Bigg Boss house. After getting caught in many controversies, the man finally bid adieu to the show yesterday.

Here is Manoj Tiwari as he sets on a new journey answering media's bouncers…

How is the feeling after getting out of the Bigg Boss house?
I am feeling relaxed, mentally. Being in the house, one does not know much about the reaction of the outside world. Now that I have got out, I get to know that so much is happening outside. Today people around me ask 'Anda khaoge kya' (smiles).

Why did you choose to be a part of BB4?
Actually the channel was approaching me from the very first season of the show. When Big B hosted the show last year, the channel people had literally put my bags inside the house, but I managed to escape. This time, my name got bounced much earlier and people in the media started talking about me being part of Bigg Boss. That is why I decided to take it up. You can say that my curiosity dragged me inside the house. All I can say now is that 'Main Bura Phasa'.

Did you expect to be eliminated this week?
I never expected that I would get eliminated. When the show started, all were good to each other, but when the main drama of winning the show started, it became hard to sustain with the politics that started between inmates. To tell you frankly, I cannot digest the fact that I got eliminated while Ashmit Patel stay in.

You got close to Ashmit Patel soon after you got nominated along with him. Any reason for this?
Yes, I got close to Ashmit when I got nominated along with him. Till then, I was four hands away from him, as in the first week itself I got to know how abusive and rude he can be. I got close to him now just for sympathy sake; I joined hands with him but nothing was brotherly in that.
What was your feeling when you came to know that Seema was the one who has nominated you, and not Shweta?
I was a bit shocked when I came to know that Seema was the one who actually nominated me. But the love and warmth she has given me all thro' the show is enormous, and I will never forget that. That is the reason why I have already forgiven her for her mistake. No hard feelings as such as she is a good lady.

Now after knowing that it's not Shweta who nominated you, would you like to apologize to her?
No, I won't because I don't like one thing of her as a person. Shweta knows me for the past so many years, so she should have some trust in me. But she failed to keep that trust alive. It happened so that Ashmit went to Shweta and told her that I was saying some wrong things about her and without rechecking with me, she stopped conversing with me. That was not fair on her part as she should have at least cleared the air before trusting Ashmit blindly. I don't want to come face to face with her again. Everyone from the house had verbally abused Shweta, but even after all this she trusted them. I did not like this fact and I don't want to keep any relation with her hence forth.

But you did have a conversation with Ashmit and Veena where you had said that Shweta and Sara will not be in the Top four while you will remain.
As I said earlier, 'Main Bura Phasa'.

Now that you know that Seema has nominated you, what would you like to tell her?
I will say that Seema has made a mistake by nominating me, but still the lady has supported me and has done a lot for me, therefore I won't be angry on her at anytime.

What would you like to comment on Dolly Bindra's comeback that too in a new avatar?
The channel is behind this because the show works only on entertainment. People who cannot provide the much-needed masala to the show have no authority to stay inside the house. People loved to see Ashmit and Veema's romance, so they are still inside the house and same applies for Dolly Bindra too.

When Bigg Boss gave you a choice to select Veena Malik or Dolly Bindra for the nomination of captain, why did you choose Veena Malik as the captain?
I chose Veena Malik because she was till now not authorized to be the captain of the house. I felt it was fair enough to give her a chance as everyone has once been the captain except her.

Describe these inmates in one word:
Shweta Tiwari - Confused

Sameer Soni - Over intelligent

The Great Khali - Seedha saadha aadmi

Veena Malik - Fake

Seema Parihar - Motherly

Ashmit Patel - Emotional fool

Dolly Bindra - Gunda

Sara Khan - Cunning

Veena and Ashmit's closeness has been an eye candy to the viewers. But how did you see it being one of the inmates in the house?
Veena is taking advantage of Ashmit; she is very smart and she is using him so that she could stay inside the house for many more days. The same goes for Ashmit too as he has no controversy except Veena. Both are dependent on each other.

Who would you keep in touch with, now that you are out of the show?
I would be connected with Seema Parihar, Khali, Rahul Bhatt, Anchal Kumar and Hrishant Goswami.

Do you regret the decision of taking up Bigg Boss 4?
Yes, though initially I was very much excited to be in the house, after some days I felt that I made a wrong decision by being in the show. I could not help it as I was totally trapped.

Yesterday when you were moving out of the house you didn't allow anyone to come outside and leave you till the gate except Seema and Khali, why is that so?
I knew that nobody else was even interested in doing so. I did not want to create another drama with everyone coming out and seeing me off.

One thing you have learned through this game?
I have learned that when there is a conflict between two good friends due to some third person, one friend should at least approach the other friend who is clueless about the matter. You should at least clear the matter instead of blindly accepting and arriving at any harsh decision.

Your future plans..
I will proceed with my pending work and movies and soon the Grand Finale of a reality show on Mahua channel is on its verge to commence. So I will get busy with the same.

Reporter and Author: Tejashree Bhopatkar



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atifsr 9 years ago As Pamela said before leaving, VEENA is a strongest woman inthe house. I think everyone nominating her because they don't dare to nominate eachother on their face and so Veena is safe end for them. Seema is a big fake lady she acts like a genuine person actually she has problems with everyone. In BBS house every one backbiting Apart from VEENA. Shaweta has shown her naked body (taking bath) while she was in ES JUNGLE SAY MUJHAY BACHO, then wat is wrong if VEENA is doing on screen romance. Sara is another bitch after Shaweta.
-Afreen- 9 years ago ashmit is a playboy & Veena is falling in his trap.. wth is she doin..:@
luvsarti 9 years ago THE BIGGEST LIAR AND POLITICIAN.......HOW FOOL CAN MANOJ TIWARI BE ,2 SHOW IT ONSCREEN N DEN DENY OFFSCREEN,JAISE KI HUM SAB ANDHE HAIN...N WOH AKELA CHALAK HAIN....DIS THE BIGGEST MISTAKE U MADE TIWARI ,THINKING DAT ODRS R FOOLS N U R THE MOST CLEVER PERSON DERE ,actually u shud be thinking the the vice versa.........................dont u think dat u r jst behaving lyk the bhais dere in the big boss????? a STUPID MAN HE Z.........


bary 9 years ago He is out*shocked*i need to catch up with BB after my exams
well good that he is out any way n i hate to see veena inside the house,no way i love her n ashmit romance
sweet_angel27 9 years ago Manoj Tiwari is the biggest liar ever, he should've been out a long time ago! He has a huge ego issue, and thus is blaming Shweta for her behavior when it was clearly his fault. Yesterday the only real thing or reaction of his was when he saw that Seema nominated him, other than that everything was so fake. I hate Ravi Kissen but I also hate to say it, but I think Ravi was better than Manoj, because atleast he's not this fake.
Teeya 9 years ago Veena is taking advantage of Ashmit; she is very smart and she is using him so that she could stay inside the house for many more days. The same goes for Ashmit too as he has no controversy except Veena. Both are dependent on each other.

mein bilkul agree hoon is point pe manojji ke sath A........asmit bilkul andha hai
natasha29 9 years ago i hate dis man wota looser...................... pagal bhuda isko to koi janta bhi nhi pta nhi kahan ka Star hai
IFluver 9 years ago such a hypocrite!
mazak my foot !2010-12-05 09:17:25
haj1 9 years ago you are FAKE. and a big-time politician...haha main to mazak kar raha tha..well guess what janta bhi tum ko nominate kar ke "MAZAK" kar rahhi thi

kaisa laga mazaK??
tatty 9 years ago Manoj Tiwari......... you're the biggest player in the house and I'm so so so happy that you've been eliminated!
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