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'I feel good when I'm healthy' - Chetan Hansraj

Chetan Hansraj who got down and dirty in the jungles of Malaysia recently, talks about health (and wealth) to Telly Buzz..

Published: Sunday,Sep 13, 2009 17:59 PM GMT-06:00
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Do you follow any fitness regime?
I do, but since my trip to the jungle I kinda drifted away from it.

How much time do you spend in a day for workout?

About one hour.

Apart from this have you taken up any sport or habit that helps maintain your body?
I used to play Water Polo but not right now.

Do you make excuses to skip your gym regime?
Yes, I do, a lot.

What's your usual excuse?

I say- "I'll come from next Monday"

What's your usual diet?

At first I used to eat a lot of nonsense. But now I'm very conscious. I now eat stir fried items only along with lots of spinach and boiled veggies. I avoid all spices and take minimal salt.

Do you look upon calories when it comes to eating?
Nope. I don't for small things. But on a larger scale I do take into consideration.

Anyone that you idolize when it comes to good physique?
I used to idolize Arnold Schwarzenegger. But now I like lean and fit physique, so right now I like Brad Pitt.

What do you do to keep yourself motivated towards your workout schedule?

It's my inner self which keeps me motivated. I feel good when I'm healthy ,so my good feeling itself keeps me motivated.

Do you equate fitness with the shape of the body?

Nope. Fitness and health are completely two different ball games.

How were you in your teen years and now?

I was chubby and then I lost weight when I entered modeling. From then its been fluctuating from being beefy to lean.

Do you have a dietitian or an instructor to maintain your fitness?
No, I think I can manage by myself.

Suggest some fun ways for working out.
Play Paintball, it's a great way to work out your calories.

Tell the readers why maintaining a healthy body is important?

Like the old saying goes health is wealth. Once you lose your health all the hospital rounds will never stop. So be healthy and enjoy life.

Reporter and Author: Susan Jose

Chetan Hansraj

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Shaina_b 13 years ago I am upset he did not win!!!!

After Jay went I was supporting him!!!!

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RosyRosh 13 years ago OMG! I play paintball too!!! Its so much fun ! It is a great way to work out! but hurts like hell!! LOL... great answers! Im upset he didnt win! Still..great article! thanks for sharing!
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